Creating Native Habitats in Miami Essay Example

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Date:  2022-07-07

Environmental issue has become a major problem not only in the Miami but also worldwide. Some organizations have taken initiatives to help in improving the well-being of the community in Miami by creating a natural habitat. More efforts are needed to ensure environmental conservation to address the issue of trees canopy which has not been increasing despite the notable challenges with the climate change. Every party concerned must play their role to achieve this just like Margret Mead states in her eminent quote that "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens can change the world; it is the only thing that ever has" (Peter, 2011, Para. 1). Some organizations have taken a significant protagonist in solving the problem of deforestation in Miami and safeguarding the environment for the benefit of the community and the future generation. This report paper will assess the efforts undertaken by Urban Paradise Guild which is one of the 501(c) (3) not-for-profit organizations focusing on the environmental conservation through tree planting projects to safeguard the future of Miami.

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The primary issue facing Miami is on the increasing population growth and the rise in urbanization which results in a high rate of deforestation. The world is becoming mostly urban, and interferences with the Mother Nature increased. Human beings are clearing forests to create more room for settlement on the continent. The number of trees' canopy is not increasing enough because few organizations and individuals are taking the initiatives to replace the trees. County of Miami-Dade is well recognized locally and internationally for its beaches. It is highly sensitive to ecosystem, imperiled pine forests and unique water conservation bodies. These natural resources have not only attracted tourists, but also played a significant role in environmental conservation. Therefore, more trees are needed and mainly the native trees for the sake of the environment. Policies should also be established to minimize unnecessary tree cutting. The environmental conservation agencies must play their role correctly for the sake of the environment. Trees are known for increasing the quality of the environment, and strict rules must be applied to protect the forests or trees canopy in the city of Miami. Also, the local and federal governments should offer incentives to the organizations giving significant positive impact to the environment.

One of the non-profit organizations playing an essential role in serving the Mother Nature in Miami is the Urban Paradise Guild (UPG). It helps in creating a native habitat flourish by educating people on the various innovative environmental programs and initiatives. The organization aims at creating awareness on the multiple issues that may affect the environment. UPG is involved in environmental policies enforcement, and it is exclusively a charitable organization determined to change the world. Just like Margret Mead stated in her never doubt quote. Urban Paradise Guild is a small group committed to changing the world, and this has become a reality. The UPG's motto is "to create a sustainable paradise, one habitat at a time" ("The Miami Foundation Nonprofit Central", 2017, Para.2). The firm is after creating the tangible impact on the community and the city of Miami at large. Urban Paradise Guild has protects the interest of the public through the environmental policies. For example, it played a great role in banning of the Fracking (2016) in Florida and stopped privatization ("The Miami Foundation Nonprofit Central", 2017). The firm's communication informed the public about the policy issues and the implications for the future of the city of Miami.

Urban Paradise Guild has been in the front line in ensuring environmental conservation measures. Significant investment is allocated to various projects intended to benefit the community and mobilize resources for the sake of the environment. Miami has espoused some street trees projects targeting coverage of 30% tree canopy by the year 2010 ("The Miami Foundation Nonprofit Central", 2017). In the attempts to achieve this, 750,000 native trees have been prepared and it has also partnered with Emerge Miami to adopt a community-based program for achieving this goal ("Urban Paradise Guild Guild - Let's make South Florida a better place to live today... and protect our future from Rising Seas", 2018). The organization is committed to engaging people in planting a million trees. It has several project locations to serve the Mother Nature. Some of these include the following; Oleta River State Park, Arch Creek East Preserve, Amelia Earhart County Park, Vizcaya Museum & Gardens, Matheson Hammock County Park and many others. These projects depend on the location and the season needs, and they comprise of urban gardening, nursery, removal of invasive trees and forestry. UPG welcome the donors to invest in these projects to be part of the solution to the problem ("Urban Paradise Guild Guild - Let's make South Florida a better place to live today... and protect our future from Rising Seas", 2018).

Tree canopy not increasing is a significant threat future of South Florida adding to the existing effects of hurricanes and the rise in the sea-level. There is much need for investing in the habitat where we live. Addressing the identified issue is critical for safeguarding the environment and dealing with the global problems. Climate change has become one of the common challenges facing the developed countries due to cutting of trees and lack environmental conservation measures (Silva & Wheeler, 2017). Every individual must take care of the environment for the benefit of all and the generation to come. Urbanization and deforestation impose a significant impact on the Earth's climate. If the tree canopy is not increasing, the vegetation structure would be at high risk may eventually collapse. Environmental degradation, habitat destruction, and climate change could hold a new wave of extinctions in the wildlife corridors. Lack of the initiatives to regulate the environment may impose an adverse economic growth and material progress. Kemp (2017) connoted that trees are useful in controlling pollution which acts as the major threat to the agricultural industry. Invasive trees compete for nutrients with the food forest, and they do not have any economic value. Failure to replace such trees with native ones will also accelerate the issue of climate change. The hurricanes in Florida may be even more severe in the near future with heavier rainfall and stronger winds that will result in uncontrollable storms. The impact of climate change is more likely to be experienced in intensifying cycles of drought-flood.


In conclusion, the above analysis of the environmental issue facing Miami reveals that forests play an essential role in the economy. Therefore, the efforts of conserving trees should involve every individual in the society especially those devoted to transforming the world. Citizens will need to be thoughtful and committed to change the world just like Mead's quote provided. The government should also establish and empower various organizations to execute environmental conservation strategies. Appropriate policies should be enforced to minimize unnecessary tree cutting which imposes a substantial threat to the future of Miami. More resources should be availed to support tree planting projects like those launched by Urban Paradise Guild. This will help in increasing the tree canopy and mitigate the risks of climate change.


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