Elite Educators Organization and Education Program

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Date:  2022-04-04

Description of the Program

Elite Educators an organization has come up with a program that intends to offer sponsorship to all students that have been performing well so that they can be able to further their studies abroad in London. The students who have been scoring high grades in the school are urged to make an application to be among those who will be shortlisted for the study. The study entails enlightening and empowering students to be holistic individuals in the society and also gain skills on how to get used to working in various work environments. The government is among the bodies that have come up with this initiative as it intends to allow students to study abroad as a way of opening up their minds to bigger and better opportunities.

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The Students who get a chance to study abroad from the program that has been initiated by Elite Educators will also get a chance to work in the government offices as a way of getting empowered on some of the ways to interact with people from diverse backgrounds. The program also intends to produce students who are qualified and ready to tackle some problems that come their way regarding politics, economics, and sociology.

Even though the program seeks to empower students, there are some slight fears, but they will be handled by the specialized professionals. The fears that they are likely to encounter cut across the changes in climate change and the fact that people are still not well conversant with the culture in London. This is a fear that will be handled by making sure that all those who will qualify for the program are trained and prepared for the things that they are going to encounter in London.

Description of London

London is a city located in the England which is on the European continent. The city has been in existence for a long while, and people know it for the many kinds of attractions that it has had. The city has some leaders who have made it in life by taking part in political activities, and that is the reason why it attracts many scholars. A lot of scientific research has been conducted in the city to find out some of the ways people can be able to co-exist regardless of the differences that they have regarding race and ethnicity. The city has some of the best theatres in the world, and that means people can prove their ability to dramatize some events.

The political nature of England is stable, and that means people do not have to worry about the kind of differences that come in that line. The Queen of the country works hand in hand with the Prime Minister to make sure that everything is running well concerning the issue of health and political stability. The Education sector in London is top notch as it enables people to specialize in various modes of production. This proves the reason as to why Elite Educators is taking people there for further studies.

There are accommodation suits in London, and all them go as per the budget of an individual and the kind of things that they would want in a room. Entertainment is also crucial in the city as the educators would want to have students who are all round and can participate in some activities. The city receives many visitors each year this is a clear indication of the aesthetic nature that it offers. The security is the city is top notch, and this is boosted by the fact that the rate of employment is high and therefore few people are idle to end up engaging in crime.

Description of the Classes

The program intends to offer students with two programs that cut across the Theatre classes (CWL 324) and a Technical Communication classes (English 317). The theatre classes will ensure that all the students are trained on musicals, classic plays and some West End Debuts. The training will be offered on a daily basis so that the students can be able to understand all the measures that have been put in place on that line. The theatre classes will be offered on both a theoretical and practical platform in that the students will be allowed to choose their areas of specialization. This means that they will specialize in being coaches and also as participants in the plays. The use of costumes will also be part of the training as the professors will need to make sure that everyone is well conversant with the different settings and the way people should be dressed in all of them.

The technical communication class (English 317) will stress on how people are supposed to maintain the best communication skills while interacting with various settings. The program will, therefore, handle students from the perspective of science, industry and the government. This means that the students will be expected to learn how to be able to interact with people working in the government offices and also develop some of form of connection that will be utilized in future. There will be the study of professional modes of communication that include delivery of messages via the social media and some of the telecommunication devices that are currently in use. The goal of taking part in this class will be to make sure that the students are prepared for the different modes of communication that will be taking place in various workplaces.



Accommodation in London is based on the standards that one wants to have or attain in the process. The city has some luxurious hostels, and therefore the students will have to choose what they want. There are plenty of cheap options, and thus everyone will be accommodated with a lot of ease. There will be many travellers on the day of departure, and therefore book will have to be done as early as possible. The hostels are made in such a way that they can accommodate more than one person, and that means there will be a lot of conveniences experienced in that line.


The hostels cost range from $100 to $1000, and this depends on the level of luxury that is attached to them. The hostels found within the school and training ground are cheap, and this means people will have to book them fast then, later on, move to those that are located away. The boys and girl's quarters are separated from each other for discipline and interaction among people of the same sex. Hostels that do not have a genitor go for $150 while those that have them go for $900


The deadline for making the application is by the end of March after which no one will be allowed to ether book the hostels or apply for the program.

How to Apply

The students are supposed to apply from CSULB University's offices. The application will be made in the form of an application letter that will be analyzed and submitted to the relevant officials working for Elite Educators.

Contact Info

Telephone: (+1) 222 222

Address: 5678 White Lane, London

Facebook: Elite Educators

Twitter: @EliteEducators

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