Terrorist Attack on the Eagles of Death Metal Concert

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Date:  2021-03-08

As many of you are aware, Roberto and I have taken an extended medical leave while recovering from our recent concert review of the American band, Eagles of Death Metal that headlining at Bataclan Hall in Paris due to terrorism and bloodshed. This happened while the concert was being held for a much anticipated and sold-out show with wall-to-wall people inside, unaware of what was about to befall us all.

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I have not written about it since then, I have not wanted to remember the details, the horror of it all. The nightmare that it was, that it is. Currently, I am healing from the bullet that was removed from my thigh, but mentally. I am overwhelmed with emotions that fluctuate between the extreme degrees and progressions of one end of the spectrum to the other. From feelings as though, I have died there with those that lost their lives that night. The devastating emotions that were felt that day and probably still felt by those who were immensely affected have not properly been tackled. Should a similar terrorist attack happen in the near future, mental costs and charge of terrorism have not yet been calculated. The essay below therefore describes various emotions provoked by terrorism to the affected persons and how to handle the various feelings it crates. Fear is the greatest feeling provoked by terrorism and this essay describes how fear could be managed. It provides education on terrorism and terrorism preparedness.

After a terrorist attack anywhere, there are always emotions that develop within the people affected towards responding to the attacks. The feelings are different from various individuals; there might be those with feelings that are not pleasant while others might take time enough to generate a proper response. Some of the reactions to a terrorist attack might be as follows; shock, confusion and numbness, guilt, fear, resentment and anger, loneliness and depression. The people might also panic and fail to resume to their normal actions, they may also experience headaches, sleeplessness, weight loss or gain among other feelings. The reactions if examined carefully rotate around fear; it is fear that generates all the reactions. Hence, it is the fear that should be managed to ensure that emotional or mental sufferings are handled in time before a terrorism scenario.

I will begin by examining fear; it is the fear within a person that denies him freedom. It is believed that the target of the terrorists is not actually to kill and finish the people they fight but to scare them to an extent that they would not fight back. Moreover, it is the fear that has immobilized most people. For instance, after a terrorist attack in certain places, people are afraid to sit anywhere, as they fear there is no safe place. Managing fear would be very imperative not only in the prevention of terrorists from succeeding in their major aims of scaring people but also to prevent the public from being paralyzed as a result of terrorism that occurs due to the natural response from humans in such situations. The best manner to realize how to handle fear is by understanding the emotions first.

Find out why and how fear is experienced and what are other feelings that fear incites. One should also prepare to prevent fear through all means as it creates weakness in some way. The emotion would be analyzed deeply to realize how it would be handled. It would be very difficult to avoid fear though. Therefore, the estimation of fear depends on what is feared, the intensity of the fear and the reason why it is feared. Research shows that accidents claim lives almost every day but still people fear terrorism that occurs occasionally. The reasons are explained as; that our past prepared us for fear, people fear things they might not be able to control, people also fear the things that are immediate and people fear those things that are still fresh in their memories. The fear aggravated by terrorism has been realized to be greater than the fear of crime also, people fear relating to terrorists than relating to other criminals.

Fear is an emotion that is always with us, research shows that people have most thoughts in a day that worry them more than those that do not worry them. Fear not only causes emotional stress but it can also lead to physical symptoms that show sickness such as paleness and too much worries. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) refers to psychiatric disarray that might occur as a result of seeing certain life threatening situations such as the military combat, terrorist occurrences, violent activities and certain natural disasters. It might cause stresses such as not being able to sleep, lack of appetite, experiencing nightmares and flashbacks.

The PTSD would make someone inactive to an extent that he or she might not be able to perform normal family and social duties. It would even lead to divorce and other marital problems within families. It might also create difficulties in parenting and family discord. Another critical response to terrorism is anxiety. Anxiety is described as a feeling of danger, which the human being cannot eradicate. Just like fear, anxiety also leads to panic and can cause numerous health problems. The continued terrorism contributes to the increased cases of anxiety within various nations, anxiety cases witnessed in hospitals daily is threatening and expensive. The treatment offered is expensive considering the number of patients handled per day because of anxiety. Anxious people often feel faint and mentally tremble and experience intense uneasiness within their bodies.

Having examined the emotional responses to terrorism, the challenge remains how some of the drastic responses can be curbed. The most targeted feeling that needs to be handles is fear, it remains the base of all the reactions that hurt towards terrorism. This leads to examinations on how to manage fear. When the intensity of the fear has been identified, one should be able to handle the fear so that it does not make the situation even more complicated. In conclusion, it is realized that terrorism has always existed because of the psychological factors that can disturb people and an entire population that feels weak. Fear has proved to be the most immobilizing among many other psychological reactions towards terrorism or its threat.

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