Diversity Contribution in Law School Essay Example

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Date:  2022-11-06

Law is an essential ingredient for an organized society as it provides a perfect balance between the need to dispense justice to the offended and the requirements of the criminal justice procedures. At any one time, a jury or lawyer deals with individuals from different socio-economic backgrounds. Such background has an imperative on their experience in the judicial process. It is necessary to infuse diversity into the law school not only as a sheer intervention for achieving a representation of different interest groups but also an essential asset for gaining different perspectives of the intricate nature of law and justice. The fundamental role of a law school is to train professionals who understand and comprehend the complex nature and operations of the legal ecosystem, rights and freedoms, crimes and their trends as a way of developing possible interventions. I would revitalize the idea that diversity is a good thing for society not only because it yields innovation but also promotes professional development and growth in law. As a minority in the law school, I could provide new insights into the understanding of crime, propensities to crime and better ways of tackling cases that require justice.

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As a minority, I would impart critical information about the unique challenges that marginalized groups experience but are not adequately addressed using conventional legal processes or strict focus on implementing the criminal justice procedures. Conceivably, most legal training and practice concentrate on developing professionals with a perfect grasp of the law for universal application in cases that demand so. However, there are various undertones such as the sociological effects of marginalization and exclusion as well as their implications in the legal practice. Therefore, as a minority, I would initiate and inspire such discourses such as depression and disenfranchisement of the minority groups. Through this, they are likely to gain an informed impression of the potential factors that impact crime, recidivism, and deterrence of punishment among others. Through such discussions among fellow trainees, they attain a holistic view of the environment in which they operate, overcome possible prejudices and biases in legal practice.


I would also actively nurture the sense of tolerance to diversity within the law school. I conceive legal practice as a dynamic field which requires scholars to be flexible to different perspectives even if they do not necessarily subscribe to them. Therefore, I would initiate an open legal discussion which triggers colleagues to provide their honest perspectives on the issue at hand. Conceivably, different people will have different stances on particular issues, but even then, such disparities in the conception of the same problem will improve how an individual addresses issues from a minority and majority point of view. In the end, logical persuasions will prevail over lofty but majoritarian points of view. In essence, a culture in which reason and logic prevail in a discussion without necessarily degenerating into confrontations will thrive. Such is the much-needed resilience that should characterize a legal career. For instance, among the judges, there comes a time when the bench has to make an individual determination of an issue before them where there is bound to be dissenting opinions and a majority decision. It is at this point that tolerance to diversity becomes practical hence my desire to enculcate it in the law school.

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