Talented Child: Outstanding Performance & Motor Skills - Essay Sample

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A talented child refers to one whose capabilities have been converted to achievements. The child can demonstrate outstanding achievement or performance. Their performance elevates them to a higher level than their peers. Some of the skills that talented children demonstrate at their early life stage is that of the motor. Motor skills refer to the action and movement of structures and objects. Motor skills get grouped into two: fine and gross motor skills (Piirto, 1994). Fine motor skills are those that are associated with the smaller movements which occur in fingers, hands, toes, feet, and wrists. These skills involve smaller movements like blinking, writing carefully, and taking up objects by use of figure and thumb, whereas the gross motor skills refer to the movement of legs, arms, and large parts of the body. The study is limited to determining how the motor skills of a talented child can get developed and perfected.

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Artistic Expression

Art offers a means of demonstrating imagination in various nongrammatic ways. While words that contain definite meaning, and art offers many symbols, ideas, and forms. A lot of psychological states get expressed through artworks. However, the artistic expression refers to the emotions that get expressed in literary, pictorial, or in other works of art. A character's feelings can be identified by examining their thoughts and behavior. Musical work is the central case that gets used to express emotions (Piirto, 1994). Art engages the audience, and in return, they express their feelings. A sad or happy feeling may get expressed through art, which triggers the emotions of the viewer. Artistic expression can get communicated via various forms, such as through acting, creative writing, drawing and painting, sculpting, dancing, and even though needlework. However, talented children begin expressing their artistic skills when they are very young (Piirto, 1994). Fine motor skills get developed when the child starts holding, for instance, a crayon between the thumb and the fingers. While they also begin drawing crosses and shapes on a paper. They also play with moving objects and enjoys molding and making objects out of it.


A talented child is exceptional and may demonstrate various characteristics such as intellectual curiosity, unusual imagination, may be very sensitive, has keen observation powers, can capture information rapidly, have good solving and reasoning powers, they take pride in using new and unusual terms among others (Zimmerman, 1992). A talented child often faces isolation since it becomes quite difficult for them to keep and make friendships. Due to this, these children often act weird. According to a research conducted in the United States by the NIMH (national institute for mental health) in the year, 2006 of MRI scans where 370 children were involved, children with higher IQ (intelligence quotient) got observed to have a different development of the brain than their peers (Neagu and Gliga, 2016).

Gender Differences Effects on a Talented Child

Various studies have reported a significant difference between boys and girls in motor skills. According to an article published by Alexandra Halsan, "Girls have better motor skills than boys do," were 1000 children aged two years got observed for three months (Neagu and Gliga, 2016). The gross, fine motor, overall movement, and self-help skills got recorded for each child. The outcome of the study suggested that the girls executed excellent performance than boys in fine motor skills, general movement, and self-help skills. However, for gross motor skills, both boys and girls performed equally. However, the results were surprising since it was expected the boys to perform better than the girls. Gender roles that get said to be significantly influenced by the society, environment, and family are said to contribute much to the outcome. When a child gets to understand their gender roles, their relationships, and their socialization ways get affected (Neagu and Gliga, 2016). Fine motor and gross skills get influenced by factors like genetics, gender, muscle tone, child growth, and environment.

Brain Maturation Effects

When a child is between the age of two to six, their brain is said to grow from 75% -90% of that of their adult weight (Zimmerman, 1992). The social and language areas are the most influenced. Myelination is said to be an essential process for motor and thinking skills. It allows and speeds the response time. Prefrontal cortex maturation better impulse control, whereas corpus callosum myelination and brain lateralization allow improved physical coordination that contributes to the high development of the motor skills that result from active play.

As a young child, I demonstrated many of the characteristics of a talented child, where my thinking capacity was beyond my age. I loved drawing and molding objects when I was as young as two years of age. My skills developed and got improved when I joined the school. At school, I was able to join arts and design classes where I sharpened my skills.


From the above discussion, it can get deduced that artistic expression generates from the emotions that viewers express when they view art. A talented child is one who exhibits exemplary behaviors and characters that is beyond his/her age group. Fine motor skills and gross skills get developed while the child is still at a very younger age and gets perfected when necessary support gets offered to them. Girls exhibit better fine motor skills than boys due to gender roles effect. The maturation of the brain is said to improve the artistic expression in children. References

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