Customers Privacy Intrusion

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Date:  2021-03-13

The effects of technology and application continue to increase as days go by. Among the applications is the intrusion in the privacy of customers by companies. This has sparked different reactions from the affected individuals who claim their privacy has been intruded. However, this is not oriented towards the negative side of the factor; there is also positivity in the intrusion to the ones seeking this information. The application becomes more wanting when consumer or customer is involved. To the owners of the business, it is a plus since they can study the market and trend of their customers which makes them draw conclusions and adjustments on the discoveries. However, the customers do not take it lightly with most of them feeling awful about it.

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The internet is the most-used channel for this acts, for instance, one's phone can capture most of the information regarding the activities of the user and relay it to the people who are studying the phone users. Johnson, who is a marketing expert, is of the opinion that the tactic has a huge impact on the cell phone companies (text 1, line 6 &7). The main idea is to analyse the information regarding the demographic factors such as age, race and gender. These companies then use this information to their advantages when they want to market their products and want to target the right customers (text 1, line 10). However, there is an invasion of privacy as exclaimed by Harrine Freeman (text 1, line 16) and the respective individuals should be notified about it or rather, their consent sought.

The privacy invasion extends beyond cell phones to shopping areas where the respective marketplaces can monitor the reaction and trend of their customers or consumers regarding the information they want. Whether it is cafeterias, clothes line, websites of politics, information can be retrieved and conveyed to the responsible people. It is quite an expensive venture but worth to the vendors and market owners. The information is usually passed on from corporation to corporation who can market their products to different customers (text 2, line 18). In politics, the effect is similar with the politicians able to analyse what the citizens want to know about them (text 2, line 41). This is very helpful when marketing themselves to the public.

The applications of the privacy intrusion are also applicable to the technological companies which can monitor the reactions of an individual and the respective measures taken. By the help of the RFID (Radio Frequency Information Device), the respective information can be collected so is the response. For instance is the application by manufacturing companies such Coke who can follow their cans from manufacturing to disposal. This has some advantages from environmental conservation to ensuring the cans don not get lost in the process (text 3, line 12 15). They can be easily traced back. Not only is the technology applicable to manufacturing companies but also in animals and patient monitoring (text 3, line 24).


In conclusion, it is obvious from the above discussion that the advantages of privacy intrusion outweigh the disadvantages. However, when an issue of the customer's consent is considered, the effect is not appealing as some will reject it. However, personally, I consider the merits of the intrusion to be more import than my personal concern. When the invasion is used for the right reasons such as environmental control and monitoring, it should be allowed though its use controlled. To the customers, it should also be followed since the issue is to the marketer of the product and not the customer. To be precise, every marketer strives to be successful through marketing of their products to the right audience. So why not use privacy intrusion to analyse the market?

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