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Audience development plays an essential role in the entire V&A Dior Exhibition process. The audience includes a group of visitors, investors, and marketers who have one purpose in mind, acquiring services at Dior exhibition at V&A. These group of the audience also act as advertisers and promoters to the product sold at the Dior exhibition. However, to increase the level of sale at Dior exhibition at V&A, the sponsors should be in a position to create a conducive environment for the audience development. Audience development system will provide a substantial economic and social growth to the Dior exhibition at V&A. Investing in Audience services have a significant impact on the welfare of the entire organizational image and reputation in marketing services. According to the statistics indicated that 80% of the products sold during the Dior exhibition was as the result of the audience development system (Sattelberger, 2015).

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The marketing criteria that is used at the Dior exhibition at V & A can be classified under the relational system. Various artistic products were presented during the presentation. Audience development policy has enabled Dior Exhibition at V&A to sell its creative services to a more massive market structure in the market. Over 80% of the customers would purchase art products of V &A in the market (Sattelberger, 2015). Audience development plays a huge role in the creative sector since it acts as a marketing strategy for the entire business structure. However, other artist and organization should understand that without audience development in the firm, there will be a minimal economic and social development system. Secondly, audience development improves creativity and marketing used in the artistic industry.

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  • Marketing education
  • This will help in outlining the key marketing system to be used in the organization.
  • Audience Development
  • The topic will outline some of the audience operations and roles in the company.
  • Identification of Target Market
  • How the organization arrived at the target market market.
  • The V&A exhibition Objective
  • Some of the aim of the organization
  • Partnerships
  • The well-wishers sponsors and financers that have united with the organization operational services.


It's a landmark Christian Dior exhibition which expanded its grounds by seven weeks after it experienced a selling of its services within 19 days. Even though it had initially been published to finish on July 14th, the exhibition designers of the dreams will run until September 1st due to the increasing demand from the market. It has recently studied its audience and realize that it needs to expand ITS services irrespective of the fact that it is experiencing stiff competition (Gentile, Khamis, Sorce, and Alt, 2017).

The exhibition will eventually become popular since it has been overwhelmed by the phenomenal visitor's response who have an overwhelmingly unquenchable desire for the services displayed by the museum. According to the response by the director, it is evident that the museum recorded 121,566 visitors to the exhibition. The show is set to be expanded due to the delightful visitors who are assuring the museum that it's going to make more profit if it develops. The ITS services demanded that the visiting time to be increased due to the well-structured museum with possible needs that the audience required.


Marketing Education

The exhibition is curated by oriole Lane and designed by several artists like Natalie Grenier, who features more than 500 objects and several chats. The Brand trajectory which is made to be under subsection designers. The subsection designers include Saint Laurent, RAF Simons, and John Galliano. The most creative feminine artist was Maria Grazia, who is the artistic director. V&A's means of conveying the messages of V&A's products is by giving free samples, ads, catalogue, or brochures (Soosay et al., 2008). The marketing strategy we are using is sale representative in the United Kingdom and its environs and also, by hiring public relation agency in the U.K. By crafting a press release on V&A's launching date will expand V&A's horizon to targeted consumers. We will also incorporate the use of billboard as a head start. By encouraging those that have used V&A's products to write review articles in leading daily newspaper in the U.K.

By briefing requests V&A will create a mock press release of funny videos, doing stunt centered on V&A's products in the leading television stations such as United Kingdom News Network, United Kingdom Cablenet, and B.S. Fuji. Besides, V&A anticipates creating an interesting infographic that describes the need for V&A product. They also get marketing partners and teach them how to perform SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats) involved due to the expected competition. Additionally, the facility adds some features in V&A's products by being unique in V&A's packaging for the targeted market. Due to the expected high demand for V&A's product, V&A's momentum will not dwindle, and V&A's attention will be on retention.

How V&A Understands the Audiences

The Christian Dior exhibition understands its audiences; hence, it has enhanced (ITS) services through the arrest of respective fashion houses. Expansion of the museum is set to ensure that the viewers who are overwhelmingly becoming many will be served concerning their needs irrespective of their desire. The facility understands its audience. Therefore it has set time for the opening of the exhibition to ensure that every visitor gets sufficient time in reviewing. In that perspective, the display is preparing to enhance its services working time (Gentile et al., 2017). Besides, the time that the visitors should start showing up to ensure that it does not close before every visitor is assured that they have viewed what they need.

This is a U.K. exhibition. It has a range of designs from thoughtful fashion designs, interior linen designs, clothing, and stage designs. They are specific brands leggings. The team is a dedicated, hardworking, and responsible marketing professional who deliver quality and affordable fashion designs, thus creating further employment (Kertzer, and Brutger, 2016). Thus, the exhibition is strengthening the core issue of commitment to producing the best wear.

Audience Development

In improving the lately introduced aspect, i.e., a particular segment celebrating Dior's system have impacted British culture serves as an eco-friendly system (Chiang, Chhajed, and Hess, 2003). They have earned a loyal clientele customers base that increases day by day. V&A's high efficiency and customer service have created more employment opportunity.

V&A's services are an all-year-round thermal benefit. Meaning you can visit the exhibition at any time of the year. However, during winter, autumn, spring, or summer season because of its unique tactile (Chiang et al., 2003). The services can also be purchased online, and V&A's shipment cost is reliable, efficient, and minimal time taken to deliver. If the items purchased have been wrongly labelled due to human error, then they will meet V&A's legal obligations. The obligations include refunding the issue or replacement of the product and also incurred delivery changes will be on V&A's side.

V&A has the human resources needed to supply the exhibition with all types of products required and in large quantity. It uses natural biodegradable materials since it realized that most of its clients were attracted to the facility due to its quest for being an environmentally friendly facility. Since the facility makes its products from scratch, one can rest assured no shortcuts have been used. According to Moller and Parvinen (2015, p. 3), the target market is the enthusiasts of leisure and active life, and it is evident that it is tough to perform physical activity. Thus, making V&A have a positive legacy in the industry and in ensuring that customer awareness is enhanced. The key areas which need reviewing in the U.K. to improve are the overseas market, language barriers, fashion and style sports and leisure, and the social convention. The V&A has two product lines that are in the perspective of consumer's needs. Audience development plays an essential role in the entire V&A Dior Exhibition process. The audience includes a group of visitors, investors, and mark...

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