Essay on John: A Hardworking & Open-Minded Teacher Who Unexpectedly Became Successful

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Date:  2023-05-08

John was a hard-working average teacher who majored in Physics. All his students loved him because he was an outgoing character and very open-minded at the same time. John never despised anyone and was the kind of person that would get along with everyone. He had no interest in teaching as a career but decided to major on it at some point where things were not going as he had initially planned. He applied for a job at a nearby school and was successful. After teaching for three weeks, the staff members were joined by a stunning woman who stood in as the assistant biology teacher. Everyone was interested in her because of her beauty and social nature. She was a fantastic personality with all the admirable qualities that a man would look for in a woman.

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All the others hit on her, and it was the norm in all the places she has been in. So John decided to befriend her, without having intentions of having more in the future. They shared a lot of personal stories and got to know each other deeply. John was shocked at how he would see Noelle as a striking resemblance to his personality. To him, Noelle was just a representation of his female form. An unfortunate turn of events took place in John's third month as a teacher in that school. A pandemic broke out, and all the schools were closed. The epidemic was a contagious one, and it required everyone to stay at home and implement social distancing as a strategy to curb the spreading of the pandemic. The epidemic was terrible news to Noelle as she was used to always spending time with John, though they were at work. John had planned to go to his native home in Spain when the pandemic started spreading. Before he could go home, Noelle planned a movie night with him as a way of spending time with John for the last time.

Noelle had a little crush on John, and he felt that she would use the movie night as the last chance to tell him how she felt. To Noelle, pursuing John was tough because it is somehow embarrassing for a female to pursue a man. She had thoughts in her mind, "What if my plan fails, and I severe our friendship with John?" She gathered courage and went ahead with the plan. She did not want to make the mood sexy from the beginning because it would send signals to John, and that would act as a spoiler for the evening. John accepted the offer and came to her house at 7 PM. She prepared a meal for John and the evening went well until late hours. They watched a very lovely investigative series named Notorious. The film always kept their minds guessing on the next moves because it had a solid plot and unexpected twist of events.

Noelle felt that it was time for her to make her moves and hope for the best. She always glanced at John and occasionally gave John some light body contact. As time went by, things got heated, and one thing led to another, and before Noelle knew me,t they started having sex. The following morning they woke up, and Noelle was very excited as she could not believe what happened the previous night. To her, John was the most romantic guy she had ever been with, and her next plan was to keep him hooked to her. She woke up and prepared a nice meal for John before he woke up. She was in love with John, and whatever she was doing felt right to her, John was the type of guy she had always been looking for. John woke up tired and opted to have a cold shower first before doing anything. John then took breakfast and then told Noelle, "there is something I have to tell you before anything else happens, I am married, and I have a son back in Spain, so whatever took place yesterday should not happen again because it is not right."


Noelle felt very heartbroken. She felt like she could scream to the whole world, why was she that unlucky? She was deeply sad because she had hoped for a fairy tale love story to be a reality to her, only to find herself sleeping with a married man. John dressed up and had a funny grin on his face. To Noelle, she thought that John had used her, but who used who? She consoled herself and escorted John to the door. John told her how beautiful the night was. Later in the evening, after sleeping the whole day, Noelle received a call from John, "April Fool's Day!" She looked at her calendar and realized that it was April 1st and got confused. "I am not married, dear Noelle; I do not have a son; it was a prank. To me, yesterday was the best night, and I would like to have you in my life because I love you, Noelle." He then hangs up. Noelle was confused; she did not know whether to scream in rage or happiness. It was a relief to her at the same time. After the pandemic ended, they continued with their everyday life and ended up getting married.

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