Essay Sample on School Improvement: High School That Work Program

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Date:  2023-01-30


School improvement plans are vital in the present time where the number of students graduating from high school is decreasing. As a career technical education teacher, I am aware of the importance of facilitating learning that allows students to excel in theoretical and practical studies. I would appreciate if the school considered the High School that Work program (HSTW) since it is a comprehensive framework for improvement proved through research as having school-based programs and work-based programs that increase the quality of high school education and post-high school employability (Shandra & Hogan, 2008). The HSTW improvement is grounded in the belief that majority of the students can master detailed technical and academic studies if the administration in schools and teachers provide an environment that encourages students to put extra effort to succeed.

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The HSTW program can lead to improvement and transition to post-secondary careers and studies due to its focus on ten essential practices that support the development and smooth implementation of multiple educational programs. The ten critical practices include the introduction of high expectations in classroom practices that is vital to motivating students to meet high standards. Another instrument aspect of the improvement approach is that of an academic core that is somehow upgraded and that every student has to complete. The third practice is that of academic studies, which is vital in teaching students the critical concepts of college preparation curriculum. There is a component of technical courses to offer students access to challenging professional and career information.

The HSTW approach makes students prepared for post-secondary careers through a focus on work-based learning, among other aspects. Importantly, research has revealed that work-based knowledge builds psychological assets in students proving that it is equally essential like academic studies (Kenny et al., 2016). Other instrumental practices in the framework include a partnership between teachers from different disciplines. Again, the active engagement of students is preferred, and the same is achievable through research-based and instructional teaching methods. The framework argues for a support system ensured through offering guidance to student and parents as well as providing extra help. Finally, there is an aspect of continuous improvement, which is vital in ensuring that the curriculum, school culture, and instruction are sufficiently aligned to offer a ground for advanced learning.


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