Paper Example on Student Perception of Revenge, Family, Luck and Learning

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Date:  2023-02-02


The paper is based on the opinion and suggestion that a student feels it's appropriate depending on the nature of the question asked on quest. It will provide the meaning of revenge and student perception to act it, opinions on student's strength and weakness based on his or her family, also will discuss luck and how an individual views it, difference between self-defense and murder and finally give the precise analysis of the online learning as good as face to face learning. Generally, the paper is to provide detailed opinions to questions posed.

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Revenge refers to a strike back to any harm, hurt or equal reciprocate of wrong done to one who have initiated the hurt or rather the harm. It simply means paying wrong for a wrong to the same people who case it. Taking a revenge, implies continuity of the conflict and that the hurt is not lawfully acquitted. For this reason, taking revenge is a practice that will only endanger humans in it and extend the circle of conflict to friends around the parties involved. Taking an example, when a husband and wife are involved in family conflict. For instance wife fails to submit to her husband, then her husband may decide to take a revenge to the wife by failing to meet the family needs or rather decide to end the communication between them. Looking at this example, it is quite evidence that there will be no peace at all to the family. In this contest therefore, I would suggest that revenge should not be taken (Trent, 178)

In reference, to the revenge example given above, some of reasons why it should not take place includes the following;- It just leads to more problems such as marriage divorce, improper parenting, retarded family development and as well as creating poor image of the family. Other general reasons includes ignition of war, damage of resources , waste of time and creation of wrong impression to each other and the society as a whole.

Family is one of the social institution that can either be a strength or a weakness to its component (family members). Family is one of the factor that influences a lot to the individual's life. Families support and view to its members, is key point that drives it to being a strength or a weakness. In my family, it is both a strength and a weakness but it only depends on different angles of life and activities that I go through (Birnbaum, 663).

In life, people goes through a lot and family cannot be exempted from all the occurrences. It is through family that I have been able to learn and understand my career as well as developing my talents. Therefore, family has strongly contributed in nurturing my talents and aiding me understand and realize what I am best at. Similarly, the family has perfectly tried to build my character as well as personality. It is from the family contribution that am able to maintain a responsible and organized person. On other hard, family too has been my weakness as most of times it always wants to be there by my side. I therefore find it difficult doing things on my own without its support. It also appears to be my weakness given that it always wants to rule my world and by so doing am limited to the family view and not my mind. Inclusion, family is both a strength and weakness to individual's life.

Luck is a chance that comes by itself. It is never forced or worked for. To be lucky therefore means, to be exposed to good chances quite often without you working for it. It also mean if one tries a trial and he is not sure of whether he or she will win, and at the end results he or she emerges a winner. To some extent, luck is a state that one finds himself or herself achieving without much event or may be by good chance.

Luck must be accompanied by trials or rather doing something that you are not sure of. For that reason, I think luck do not just come but one has to stipulate it to happen. It is quite evidence, given that one tries his luck to in securing a job, for instance, one has to send an application letter and wait for the luck to happen by him or her getting a reply letter. This therefore clearly shows that luck is created on most cases but it does not come on its own.

Self-defense refers to protection of one's interest, harm or even violence against self. It simply implies a mechanism to protect oneself from physical and psychological torture. On other hard, murder is an intentional killing. Simply taking away someone's life knowingly or rather forcefully.

The difference between self-defense and murder is that, self-defense only involves protection of your interests and physical torments. In a conflict between two people or group of people who may happen to turn conflict in to war, at this point, one may decide to defend himself or herself by fighting back. If in process of defending oneself it happens that someone kills, it is not murder but it is called manslaughter since the killing was not intended. Contrary murder is a planned activity that is aimed at taking someone's life without him or her fighting back or even defending his right to life. This therefore show there is clear line between self-defense and murder (Atreyee, 754)

The online article on online learning and face to face learning barely tries to support the online learning as equally efficient as traditional class learning. From Mr. Hamilton, he explains that he had failed in English 3 from the convectional class room and hoped to get a credit score through online learning. He was posed a question about the meaning of social Darwinism and in return he google searched and pasted to his teacher through email. Through the online search he was able to deliver what was require and also learn from it. The stress is that, a student in k-12 grade can easily learn and consult internet faster and acquire the knowledge that is required (Schulten, 2019).

In the argument on efficiency of online learning over face to face, I partially disagree since there are some acts that requires a teacher to be there for practical assessment as well as taking not immediate challenges with a student. Also, face to face may be emulated considering the discipline of a student and commitments. Online learning does not engage a student fully neither does it provide easy track of a student's level of understanding. It only provides access of information but does not clearly stress on important or key points to note.


Generally, in my opinion for online learning to be strong, it requires to work hand in hand with traditional conventional class learning. That way, time will be saved as student will be able to access information online as well as they are explained notes in class. It is in class that a teacher can deliver the best and also learn weird behavior of student. At this point he or she will be able to correct students discipline and where a student goes astray. The two mode of learning compiled together can do better.

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