Reflective Essay on English 101 Class

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Date:  2022-05-23


I have enjoyed taking part in your English 101 class. This semester has been exemplary, despite the challenges and difficulties that have surfaced within the cause of learning. For the first time, I have enjoyed writing an essay and composition class. Through your enthusiastic teaching, patience, and helpfulness, you have taught me to dig deep in comprehending writing skills that have authoritatively excelled my results in English. Sincerely, on my first day of English 101 class, I did not know what to expect, was nervous and assumed the lesson would be tough. While keeping an open mind as the days progressed, I realized it was not a tall order to perform well and achieve greatly.

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Challenges in Writing Skills

At the beginning of the semester, I had major weaknesses while composing any kind of literal writing. For example, I had challenges writing grammatically correct sentences and comprehensible paragraphs. I did not understand the essence of proofreading my work despite the emphasis that you laid on clean pieces of work. I always found it difficult to finish my assignments on time and even when I painfully did so, they were full of spelling and punctuation errors. Early in the semester when I penned down any form of writing, I would continuously track the word count until I achieved the specified number of words the paper demanded. I would tiresomely end the essay hence the reason my conclusions were always poor. Mine was to complete the assignment regardless of the quality I submitted. Through your teaching, I have since understood that writing becomes interesting when one gets lost in the paper and write about topics that are interesting. For example, in my fourth essay assignment, I picked a topic on a personality that I was passionate about, a strategy that helped me write the assignment than I did earlier on.

Procrastination was another challenge that kept pricking my learning and understanding my Writing skills. I would always do my assignments on a last minute rush basis. As the semester matured with a need for more comprehensive essays, I realized my waiting for the deadlines was continuously yielding me poor results. For instance, I vividly remember my fifth assignment that I scored an 'E' after submitting an easy that was unedited and without a conclusion.

Overcoming Weaknesses

However, despite my shortcomings, the Smarthinking tool that you made compulsory for us to submit the work. It assisted me in identifying grammatical errors and provided suggestions that never popped up in my mind while undertaking the assignment. I am grateful I had such a noble source to use when I needed extra help. Even into the future, I will use Smarthinking and another helpful tool for my other papers. If I could rewind the semester, I would not have procrastinated my assignments, would have them done early enough, revise them through this tool, resubmit them and do final corrections. My final copy would be smart and exemplary.


Today, I very glad I attended your English 101 class. I learned a lot of valuable lessons in the course of the semester. I learned that attending class was important despite the fact that all lessons and lecture notes were posted online as the instructor provided resourceful information that is not posted on the internet. I learned that procrastination is an ill-advised virtue that can mess my performance. More profoundly, I have understood that putting 100 percent on developing writing skills yields similar results. However, I there is still room for improvement. Specifically, I will need to learn to write speedily, especially developing analytical essays that are very common in most of the subjects taught in college.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for Essay:

What were the major weaknesses in the student's writing skills at the beginning of the semester?

At the start of their semester, one student found it difficult to write grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs with coherence, proofreading their work was often inadequate and they submitted assignments containing spelling and punctuation errors; furthermore they struggled with finishing assignments on time with weak conclusions.

How did the student overcome their weaknesses in writing skills?

The student learned from their teacher that writing becomes enjoyable when one gets lost in the paper and writes about topics that piqued their curiosity, such as topics they felt passionately about - something which greatly assisted their writing progress. Furthermore, they gained an appreciation of proofreading and submitting clean pieces of work.

How did the Smarthinking tool help the student in improving their writing?

Smarthinking was assigned as an additional resource in aiding with improving writing assignments, and students expressed appreciation for being given this resource and acknowledged its value in future papers.

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