Differing Perspective on Learning Essay

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Date:  2022-04-04

Learning is a process that involves various aspects that tend to shape the outcome of learning. Social learning proceeds cognitive development thus leaning environment has to be enhanced to support interactive learning. The learning environment should be developed since the situation is taken as one of the contributors to learning. This essay seeks to point out the possible factors that contribute to the best outcomes in early childhood education.

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The learning environment should conform to a proper relationship between the parents, children, and teachers as a framework for enhancing the relationship-driven learning environment. The emergent curriculum should be improved since, during childhood, the cognitive development of children relies much on the child's environment and factors like associations and socialization skills. The child should learn through a well-structured learning environment that supports absorption and promotes individualization in the process of learning. Emergent curriculum, therefore, requires that the teacher should be very creative in designing the teaching methodology to enhance the outcome of learning (Branco & Brott, 2017). The diversity of children should not be let to be a problem in achieving the goals of education. Therefore, much of interest is to lie upon the methodology on instructions and evaluation that aims at doing away with internalized oppression, dominant culture and aspects of children developing transracial.

The learning environment should be structured to avoid the aspects of a dominant culture that we learned in class. Since the established languages in social learning institutions tend to contribute to the elements of infidelity complex among preschoolers, educational environment has to be structured to encourage individualized learning that avoids sticking to some cultures that promote aspects of dominant culture (Burton & May, 2016). The dominant culture results in the present cultures, rituals, social customs and religion that children hear in education sectors thus developing feelings of incapability when with other children from the dominant cultures.

A flexible environment enables the teachers to take charge of the interests of the children and helps children to free themselves from aspects of transracial feelings. Spider investigation also offers the learners an opportunity to explore more. Since the transracial impedance tends to affect the adopted children whenever they internalize the aspects of identity in conjunction with discrimination, an emergent curriculum will offer a chance for the teacher to come up with a better approach to developing a better way of airing out instructions (Branco & Brott, 2017). Additionally, the adopted children portray the elements of transracial connectedness in school and tend to face challenges in making their social life to conform with their fellows thus require.


Coming up with a flexible learning environment enables the teachers to help the children from succumbing to aspects of internalized oppression. Internalized oppression refers to the attribute that is generated by infidelity complex developed by an individual. Internalized oppression has been found to mostly affect the African American children thus suggesting that their parents are responsible for the ideology designed by the kids (Pinkney, 2014, Greer, 2017). It has also been pointed out that internalized oppression occurs when an individual concentrate most on skin tone thus tend to internalize a sense of oppression from the fellow individuals around them (Pinkney, 2014)). On the other hand, internalized oppression also arises due to disabilities among children. Therefore, the teacher will always aim at creating an environment that reflects students' values as a way of minimizing internalized oppression, transracial and aspects of dominant culture.


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