Personal Statement for Yorkville University Paper Example

Paper Type:  Personal statement
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Date:  2022-09-13

Many people have different aspirations in life. There are those who want a comfortable life, others want to be happy, others want a happy family, some want to reach the highest possible level of education that they can attain while others like me want both a happy family and achieve higher academic levels.

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I am my motivation. Making my life better and achieving something that is wholly beneficial to me is my driving force towards my wish for wanting to join the university. I do not deny the fact that this may seem as a selfish reason especially being that I have a family but the truth is a better life for me means a better life for the people around me which with no doubt includes my family. Joining university will ensure that a bridge to my future dreams is created hence making it easier for its success. It is the only link to my tomorrow life currently. Honestly, this is for me and nobody else. I want to be proud of myself not because of what I did for somebody but for what I did for myself.

Yorkville University is a world-class institution. I believe that joining this school will expose me to different points of knowing where my brain capacity will enable me to achieve my dreams. I am in a hurry to achieve my goals, and I know that through the institution of Yorkville my life schedule will be met without so much worry and possible hindrances. I want to be able to sustain my life and that of my family, to be able to have something to hold on to. Mostly, I want to create an enviable identity. I believe and know that Yorkville will make all these dreams possible for me and in the process create a sense of belonging for me

I have a wonderful family. This is part of the reason why balancing my academic goals together with family activities is going to be easy. My family members are very supportive people. They understand the fact that this is very important for me and are therefore very willing to offload me some of my daily duties as a member in order to make this a smooth transition for me. Even so, I know how to separate various issue and sort them according to their respective categories in my life. There is no way I will let my problems disrupt my academic process in Yorkville neither can I allow my professional goals to hinder my lifestyle.

I am hungry for knowledge. I come as a child to Yorkville very ready to learn whatever new information I will be required to absorb in my system. I am ready to be molded in whatever form or shape that may be relevantly important to my life, and for this reason, therefore, there must be no worries whatsoever about any possible form of reluctance and rebellion in the process to be taught from me. I come with an open mind very anxious and expectant to learn new ideas. Information which I will be willing to put into practice in accordance with the needs of the university

I understand that people make mistakes and that no one is perfect. Through the journey of life I have come to understand that for one to achieve great results of whatever goals they have, they must be willing to listen to critics within and without them. These are basically the building blocks towards our achievements. I want a good life for myself, I want to achieve all my goals through Yorkville University, and for this purpose, I am ready and willing to accept all constructive criticism from both my instructors and colleagues because I know I need it more than anything for the success of my dreams.

As a person, I have always been an introvert. I have never quite yet mastered the art of involving myself with different kinds of people, and I foresee this as an upcoming challenge should I join Yorkville University. Going without mention, I am the kind of person who will go beyond my weaknesses just to achieve my personal goals. I love myself so much, and for this reason, I know this is not going a difficult challenge to handle. In the pursuit of the achievement of my goals, I will try as much as possible to fight my awkward social behavior because I know through sharing information; people share knowledge and school of thought. Their diversity of interaction brings out a whole new level of intelligence which I know will be a plus towards my quest of achieving my goals through Yorkville University.


I know I have all the required qualifications to join Yorkville University. I have all the enthusiasm and the required vigor to fit the institution. I have a lot of expectations and capabilities that I would love to exploit in Yorkville University, and it is, therefore, the reason why I do hope for positive remarks on my wish to gain the opportunity of being a part of this great institution.

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