Essay Sample on Gaining Confidence in Teaching the Deaf and Hard Hearing

Paper Type:  Course work
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Wordcount:  622 Words
Date:  2023-01-12


Over the course of this study, several aspects of my craft have changed tremendously. Over anything else however, the course has assisted me in gaining an in-depth understanding of the various strategies and means of teaching the deaf or the hard hearing better. Moreover, the skills imparted over the course of our semester study has imparted in me more confidence in dealing with the deaf or the hard hearing students, given understanding gained in dealing with them. Also, the topics of the semester have jolted in me a new found passion to pursue this goal of helping the students more than ever before.

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There are so many activities learned over the course that has helped in enhancing my knowledge of teaching deaf and hard hearing students so far. Chief among those is the quality of impacting motivation for the students to arouse their learning interests enabling them to catch up with the necessary skills fast. These include strategies that allow them to change and develop a positive attitude towards their learning processes, consequently giving their thinking processes an upper hand and thus allowing them to grasp the coping skills readily. Also, the importance of shifting the minds of the students of the normal classroom activities through the designing of routines and protocols that enable them to organize their ideas and thoughts better make it easier to assist them to attain the desired learning goals. Furthermore, the activities that are useful in imparting motor skills and observation skills in the deaf and hard hearing students as learned from the course are beneficial in understanding the manner to make these students improve their idea evaluation more sensibly. Moreover, these protocols are further beneficial in enabling the students to make sense of things they see and observe better, thus gaining these skills have made me better in imparting this knowledge on them. Also, we got to sharpen skills of promoting group ideas among the deaf and hard hearing students through group discussions, therefore being equipped with the strategies of improving the student's social skills. All these activities as learned from the course have better improved my motivation to deal with these kinds of students and further boosting my confidence in handling the said students as mentioned before.

Concerning the issue of learning many books at once, my opinion would be that adopting such a strategy would be more beneficial in improving the uptake of the skills imparted through the course. This is informed by the fact that giving more attention to one book at a time enables learners to concentrate more closely on the intended goals of the course as described in the beginning. The elimination of rushed progress would, therefore, enable learners to retain the learned skills and retain them better long after the course ends, thus allowing them to better impart these learned skills to their intended subjects, in this case, the deaf and hard hearing students. However, this is not to say that the activities of the course as having been done so far would go to waste. Matter of fact, the articles, and presentations that have been done during the semester have all been very beneficial in imparting knowledge and steering us towards gaining the desired goals and skills necessary for future use and application. These activities have also encouraged me personally to strive to gain more knowledge into the topics of interest as prescribed in the course in regards to handling the struggling students.

On the issue of the regarding the books that should most definitely be included in the course, I would recommend "Getting to Got It" as it is easier to understand and gives more insight into the handling of struggling students when it comes to learning.

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