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Public schools are essential in determining the educational development of a child from their early childhood stages to their tertiary education. The existence of facilities in the public schools will ensure that a child develops holistically when it comes to education. While some students find it easier to embrace learning, others find solace in talents. For example, football players who end up becoming professional footballers. It is essential for the US public schools to improve their facilities that can help develop students both educationally and in extra-curriculum activities.

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The US public schools are faced with poor and outdated facilities regardless of the amount of money allocated to maintaining and renewing them each year. It is estimated that the nation spends about $142 billion yearly in maintaining, operating and renewing the US public school's facilities which are not adequate to serve its purpose (Thomas and Schoen). The facilities need to provide a healthy and safe learning environment for all students (Applied Technology Council, US Federal Emergency Management Agency, & National Earthquake Hazards Reduction Program (U.S.) 60). Additionally, the facilities also need to meet the current century standards in that; public schools should not provide facilities which are outdated and cannot support the present school curriculum. The school facilities are meant to motivate both the staff and the students to study hard and achieve their goals. Being presented with all that they need, the students find it easier to work extra hard.

Studies show that the school facilities have a direct impact on the learning experience of students, school finances and also the health of teachers and support staff. However, in many cases, schools end up providing facilities which fall short if the 21-century learning environment goals due to poor maintenance which results from low capital funding (Russo 72). School facilities provide an ambient environment for learners as they reduce time wastages, cases of sickness and also create a more interactive environment between teachers and students (Alexander and Lewis 98). For example, the presence of a well-equipped science laboratory presents teachers and students who have interest in science an opportunity to continue research and develop new ideas and products. Teachers can thus interact with their students and learn about their strengths and weaknesses which helps in establishing solutions to lower grades (Alexander and Lewis 112).

Proper funding is an essential factor in improving the educational facilities in the American public schools. It is estimated that every school day, about 50 million students and 6 million adult meets at the K-12 public schools which are about 100,000 nationwide (Thomas and Schoen). The public schools thus require bigger and better infrastructure due to the number of people that they serve. Additionally, the average age of a public school in the US is 44 which means that their facilities are old and outdated (Thomas and Schoen). Such institutions require upgrading and fixing which require huge funding from the government. Also, the educational facilities need upgrading to meet the present century needs such as internet connection, computers, fully equipped labs among many other facilities which are essential in learning.

The public education infrastructure is faced with a challenge of inequality which has developed form the increased income inequality in the economy. As a consequence, there is an imbalance created between the learning and learning environment. The local wealth is the primary source of funding for projects in the public schools. As such, underinvestment in the projects affects the children from the low-income households. It is necessary to look at the well being and educational opportunities of students as a priority when it comes to funding of projects. The income inequality presents lesser opportunities for students from low-income families.

Children who come from the low-income families are already faced with problems in their homes (Thomas and Schoen). When such children are presented with another set of problems such as hazardous material, poor quality air, inadequate research labs, and also insufficient sporting facilities, they tend to accumulate another set of problems (Thomas and Schoen). Such conditions lead to high levels of absenteeism, lower student performance, and even high levels of truancy (Thomas and Schoen). It is essential for the school facilities to provide an environment that supports educational development and makes the student feel safe, and their needs are catered.

The public-school facilities are as important as heavily funded infrastructure projects (Ramirez 112). People tend to pay less attention to schools when they hear about infrastructure. However, it is important infrastructural developments to also involve the school facilities. It can be noted that the school facilities should present the second largest infrastructure project after the contraction of roads (Ramirez 112). It is necessary for the government and political leaders to look at a way to approve funding for school projects since they have more benefits than some of the other infrastructural projects.

The public-school facilities projects which are necessary for student's curriculum development include science labs, sports facilities, good classrooms, and internet connection among others which are necessary for the 21st-century schools (Thomas and Schoen). Improving on such facilities will not only help the students achieve good grades but also help them prepare for the world that they will face in the future. Improved education facilities first can help in promoting academic excellence among students in the country. Good education to students is a factor that facilitates economic growth and development in the long run. An educated student can be able to contribute to many factors that are likely to lead to economic development (Thomas and Schoen). The school facilities are thus a contributor to economic growth and also a contributor to the success of education in the present period.

The school facilities also include the recreational facilities such as sports arenas and drama or music arenas. In the present schooling environment, students put a focus on education more than any other activities. A school with good sports facilities can nature the talent of a young student right from the point of development (Thomas and Schoen). Good talent is a resource in the development of an individual in the future. For example, it can be noted that some of the rich people in the world who are also successful business people used their talents properly. Musicians, actors and sportsmen and women contribute to the success of an organization in the society (Alexander and Lewis 22). It is necessary for the students to be presented with a wide choice where they will decide on the right career path to follow. In a society filled with diversified culture, the public-school facilities help in developing new talents which can be utilized in the future for economic growth (Thomas and Schoen). It is necessary to ensure that all students have access to such quality facilities which can develop their talents which are important for their professional careers.

Statistics show that the US will require about $380 billion over the next ten years to overhaul the state of public schools to acceptable standards. It means that the schools require more funding in comparison to airports, dams, and even rails combined (Thomas and Schoen). Educational infrastructure is about building schools to improve the transfer of knowledge which is made more efficient with good facilities. School infrastructure projects have faced a significant blow in the President Trump's administration (Thomas and Schoen). The administration has put less focus on the development of school infrastructure (Thomas and Schoen). The present state of schools is thus likely to depreciate more if proper action is not taken.

Adequate budgeting for school infrastructure projects can be a step towards the success of school facilities. In the present administration, the $ 1 trillion budget put aside for the development of other infrastructure projects should accommodate at least 10% in schools (Thomas and Schoen). Such a proposal will see improvements occurring across schools in the country. The money can be used to set up good buildings which are used for learning purposes. For example, setting up modern classrooms fitted with good whiteboards which can be used by teachers who want to use projectors as a learning aid (Alexander and Lewis 10). Once the government has understood the importance of the infrastructure in schools, it will be easier to improve schools across the country.

The school learning infrastructures can be improved by the localities and communities (Thomas and Schoen). A public school helps improve the life of the surrounding community. If a child can study and become a doctor, he or she will give back to the community by improving health care. In some localities, there has been a huge success in funding of such projects. For example, New Mexico has dedicated its oil and gas revenue to fund school projects across the state (Organisation, for E. C.-D 72). The same case is in Ohio, Georgia, Iowa, and Massachusetts. Such efforts will improve the schools and see an improvement in the performance of both the teachers and the students.

Local funding school infrastructure projects can be considered to be a short-term solution to a big problem. The problem of poor facilities in the public schools in the US requires one-time heavy funding from the federal government (Sheninger and Murray, 52). Such funding will bring the level of schools up to standards. As such, the schools will maintain the high standards for a long time before the facilities become outdated once more due to changes in technology and user preferences (Alexander and Lewis). It is thus necessary to facilitate funding for public school projects to avoid poor performance from students and also create an environment where students have a wide range of career opportunities to choose.


In conclusion, it is essential to improve the US public school's facilities as they will help students develop both educationally and in extra-curriculum activities. The study has identified the various challenges that exist with regards to funding of public schools in the US. The challenges include inadequate funding from the federal government and also inadequate support of school projects from the Tramp administration. The study has also identified the various recommendations which can be implemented to ensure that schools are appropriately funded. Schools with very good facilities help in developing students appropriately and also improve on the motivation of teachers and other support staff. Inadequate resources present a challenge when it comes to maintaining a healthy environment for education. The study has thus identified the main areas that require improvement and the benefits of such developments in the long run as far as education is concerned.

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