A Day in My Future College Career Essay

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Date:  2022-08-10

Lush lawns, neat pavements, old architecture, people walking up and down holding notebooks and bag packs. I am finally in college and its nothing like I imagined. There is a certain expectation that I have always had in college. For example, I expected less seriousness and a more relaxed mood. The place is just as big, with so many people, indeed a lot more people than high school. The problem is, it is hard to get directions around here. The signposts are either damaged or non-existent, and one has to depend on their sense of guesswork to find their way around here. I heard about orientation, but my roommate who is a senior said that it is a waste of time and very dull. So here I am, wandering around trying to know where I am supposed to be.

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Walking down the pavement with some tight jeans, a plain white T-Shirt, rocking some sneakers and a bag pack. I am still not sure what I am supposed to carry inside or if I am supposed to have it at all. Inside is a notebook, a laptop, calculator, ruler and a some few pens. It has been a week since I enrolled but I am still not quite sure of how I am supposed to go about my day. Yesterday I received an email of the timetable and the location of the lectures. The first lecture starts at 8:00 a.m. It is 8:30 and I am yet to locate the lecture hall. The scary thing is that am way too relaxed for a person who is 30 minutes late for their first lecture in college.

I am not sure; maybe it is the beat that's coming through my earphones that is keeping me relaxed, or perhaps it is the stories I have heard from my older friends about campus having much freedom. I certainly don't expect the same rants I got back in high school whenever I was late for a class. In this occasion, I am supposed to locate lecture hall Q36. I tried asking some guy a few meters back but turns out he was also a freshman who is as clueless as I am. I tried approaching some girl sitting on the bench of the student park, but she quickly turned me away thinking I am about to hit on her. I decided to approach some neatly dressed guy to ask for direction, but as it turns out, he was not even a student in this college. A part of me is now regretting missing the student orientation.

I do not want people to realize that I am a freshman, so I try and avoid acting like one. Asking for directions is a straight giveaway for a freshman. However, as time runs out the more desperate, I become. It is now an hour past 8, and I decide to return to my room. I was not ready to be the laughing stock of the class when I enter the room, and everybody has to stop to look at the latecomer. More so, being late for the first lecture lesson will put me at odds with the lecturer. I would have established myself as a student who cannot keep time. I enter my room, skip over the dirty pile of clothes on the floor and throw myself on the bed. I am woken up by the sound of my phone ringing. It is my mum calling. I quickly pick it up and alter my voice to conceal the fact that I had just woken up. She inquires of how I am taking on college. She even asks about how I experienced my first lecture lesson. I lie to her by saying it was not as exciting as I expected. We talk about the tuition fees and the pocket money, and she agrees to top up my bank account.

I look at my wristwatch, and it is 12:00 noon. I have two hours before my next lecture lesson. I rush to the cafeteria to grab a quick lunch. It is while I am in the cafeteria that tall, slightly masculine young man approaches me and says, "I believe this belongs to you." He hands me my student ID. "Where did you get this?" I ask. "It fell out while you removed your wallet from the pocket," he replies. "From your ID it looks like we are in the same class. However, I dont remember seeing you today. Maybe I was too focused on the entrance CAT," he added. That is when it dawns on me that I had just missed an entrance exam. The CAT required a personal statement from members of the class. Everyone was supposed to explain why he or she chose the course and mentioned their future career plans. The marks from the sitting cat will contribute towards the total scores for the unit at the end of the semester.

He directs me to the class representative who confirms what Mike had just told me. To make matters worse, in the class of 40 I was the only who had failed to attend the lecture. I asked the class representative of how comes she is sure I was the only absentee, but she tells me my name is the only one that was left unmarked in the class attendance register. I rush back to my room hoping to find my roommate. They must have experienced something similar, so they know how to deal with such issues. Luckily I bumped into my roommate with other seniors. After telling them my predicament, they advise me to locate the professor before his next lecture lesson, but I better have the best excuse for missing his class. Now I have the difficult task of finding a person whom I do not know their appearance in a place I do not know.

I inquire from my classmates about the location of the department offices. I log into the school portal and find the name of the lecturer. I walk along the departmental hallways looking at door names hoping to find the name of the lecturer. At the far end of the hall, I finally see his name. I knock at the door, and an elderly voice responds inviting me in. Sitting at the corner is a short, caucasian male figure who looks like he is in his late fifties. He looks up to me and asks how he may help me. At that moment and time, I remembered the phone call I had just had with my mother. There is no way I am going to lie twice in the same day. I introduce myself, tell him why I missed is class and explain to him what happened. He lowers his spectacles, takes an in-depth look at me and he says, "come back tomorrow for a retake."


I struggled to remain composed because I felt like screaming my lungs out. I had managed to maneuver out of my first mistake on campus. With a gentle voice, I thanked the professor and turned around to walk away. As I turned around, I could still feel his eyes on me. It's almost like he could not believe I had told him the truth and that might be the only reason he left me off the hook. As I rush towards the next lecture room for the next lesson, I have a very light feeling, and I realize it's the feeling of freedom. It dawns on me that the privilege was only as viable as my actions, just like high school.

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