Paper Example on My Journey to MSc Finance: Refining My Knowledge & Skills

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Date:  2023-09-19

Within the past three years, I have consistently engaged in higher education, which has culminated in my recent completion of MSc Finance. This consistency has been driven by my strong belief in the need to gain comprehensive knowledge and skills in areas relevant to my professional orientation as an economics and finance expert. Previously, I obtained a BSc. Accounting, Finance and Economics and BSc. Economics and Management. These academic achievements have instrumentally refined my knowledge base and improved my focus on the relevant areas required to become highly impactful in the work environment. Some of the previous courses which fundamentally challenged me to apply for MSc Social Anthropology include macro and microeconomics, Strategic Management, corporate finance, and private equity. While the other classes were important too, these four oriented me into conceiving that business, financial systems, and economics all serve to influence human welfare. In this regard, the subjects made me rethink the importance of taking a more concise study on how societies operate, the things that inform their daily decisions, and their unique cultural attributes. Conceivably, the Master of Social anthropology will help me bridge the knowledge gap that I still have in that respect.

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While taking my internship at the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, I got first-hand experience with how banks and the entire financial ecosystem have intricate feedback with society. Two crucial learning points for me during the internship which feed directly into my intention to take MSc. Social Anthropology was on customer retention and product promotion. While econometrics, accounting, and finance have primarily expanded my ability to develop solutions, these interventions have to resonate with the society for which they are intended. At this point, MSc. Social Anthropology will be handy in improving my ability to discern product-customer mismatches, an essential element in economic practices.

Throughout my studies, I have been diligent and focused on challenging myself with wide-ranging issues that stretch my need even to learn more. This inclination to always learn new things contributed to my decision to undertake the Bloomberg Market Concepts Core concepts course. This achievement, coupled with the learning gained from my excellent experience in the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) Business Game, nudge me to push my limits and be more versatile in my field. I am confident that my prior studies, research, and hands-on experience afford me the capability to pursue MSc. Social Anthropology and optimally benefit from it.

I am mindful of the great versatility of the MSc. Social Anthropology offered at the London School of Economics and Political Science. With an intensive introduction to anthropology, including studies on ethnographic studies and theoretical development, I will be adequately challenged to gain critical insights on how to apply knowledge gained from my other studies. The fieldwork-based research approach will allow me to model the real work environments in which I will have to work after completing my studies.

The structure of the master's course, which focuses on the different dimensions of the society, including the economy, politics, religion, media, and global history, will give me a holistic view of how my already acquired knowledge is interconnected society. This well-designed course program and content and the diverse student community at the London School of Economics and Political Science will contribute to my conception of the course on anthropology and improve my intercultural competency.

On completion of the MSc. Social anthropology, I endeavor to package the vast knowledge acquired to apply for employment within a reputable international, regional, or national organizations that have economics component in their operations. Besides, I plan to advance my studies later on and take economics-related research.

At this point, the MSc. I am confident of my ability and knowledge base required to complete and substantially benefit from Msc. Social Anthropology of the London School of Economics and Political Science.

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