Essay on Teaching Frameworks for Professional Practices in Education

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Date:  2023-01-27


Secondly, both Danielson's framework of the teaching of four domains and the program of study framework are professional practices in education which provide various procedures and communication strategies in the learning setting. Information and instruction in the two are used as service tools for showing professionalism, ethical conducts, integrity, and engagement to students.

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Additionally, the components of the teaching frameworks for professional practices are comprehensive in the two and majorly reflect numerous teaching aspects in the education sector across disciplines (Lewis & Kosine, Overman, 2008). Regardless of the distinctions in them, many teaching features such as equity concerns and appropriate use of technology are constituted in the entire framework as opposed to single components which are common in other cases.


The Danielson's Framework of Teaching asserts teaching is similar across all disciplines so long as the person concern has addressed the required aspects, whereas Program of Study framework reiterates that accountability, policies, and procedures among other components must be addressed before implementations are done. According to Roegman et al. (2016), in Danielson's teaching framework, each domain does a specific role which is particular to the intended outcome in the professional practices (Roegman et al., 2016). Each domain is unique on its own within the teaching framework. However, in the Program of Study framework, all components function as a brick foundation; that is, they need each other for the entire process to be concrete and stable.


In conclusion, Danielson's teaching framework is a central education aspect which defines various professional practices which are needed to ascertain a comprehensive learning process. The framework has various components which define essential issues in teaching and learning for the maximization of teacher-student engagement. However, in the Program of Study framework, components act as a unit to create a unified teaching system across all levels.


Roegman, R., Goodwin, A. L., Reed, R., & Scott-McLaughlin, R. M. (2016). Unpacking the data: an analysis of the use of Danielson's (2007) Framework for Professional Practice in a teaching residency program. Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Accountability, 28(2), 111-137. Retrieved from

Lewis, M. V., & Kosine, N. R. (with Overman, L.). (2008, October). What will be the impact of programs of study? A preliminary assessment based on similar previous initiatives, state plans for implementation, and career development theory. Retrieved from

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