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Date:  2022-12-03


It is important to note that culinary art is an essential part of American history and culture. It is as well an inspiring and exciting career around the rest parts of the world. Culinary is defined as those factors that relate to a kitchen or cookery while arts is referred to as efforts of human beings to alter, imitate, counteract, or supplement the work of nature (Hegarty, 2014). Therefore, culinary arts is used to mean a process of creating something beautiful and unique; in this case, edible things. Thus, the paper intends to come up with reasons for studying this course as well as the expectations on completion. The paper shall also indicate intentions after graduation.

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It should be noted that attending a culinary arts degree program allows one to acquire skills and knowledge that are needed of a chef in the kitchen, which involves not only how to prepare a given meal, but how to create new dishes, keeping kitchen safe, as well as running the kitchen efficiently among others (Hegarty, 2014). Hence, this degree will allow me to appreciate cooking as art because preparing food is not just about helping people enjoy the meal or sustenance, but it also involves sharing the technique with other people. Also, it cannot be denied that culinary art degree will allow me to learn how to encourage a healthy lifestyle because the programs will teach me about nutrition. Finally, the degree will enable me to appreciate different cultures because, with the skills and knowledge of preparing various dishes, I will be adequately equipped.

Understandably, just like other courses, being a chef equally requires considerable years of hard work and experience in a bid to get far because it is a very competitive industry (Hegarty, 2014). This is the reason as to why my expectation of the course in culinary arts degree is to garner adequate knowledge and skills that will enable me to compete in the industry effectively.

Any school would want to produce skillful and most experienced students with proper degrees. However, the major expectation of the Culinary School of Fort Worth is not merely to teach about baking and cooking techniques, but to teach culinary excellence. This is achieved by exposing learners to experienced instructors who give highly focused and insight instructional skills (Hegarty, 2014). This would enable students from the school to demonstrate excellence in any part of the culinary community.

It should be noted that most students who enroll in the culinary arts school have the ultimate goal to accomplish. This involves the aim of becoming a chef in a classy restaurant. Also, becoming a food entrepreneur is one of the accomplishments I would want to achieve after my graduation.


In conclusion, it is important to note that degree in culinary arts is one of the most underrated but very important course to pursue. This is because despite the industry being competitive, its rapidly growing and culinary profession will be in high demand. Also, it enables students to learn and acquire the required skills to survive in this challenging field.


Hegarty, J. (2014). Standing the heat: Assuring curriculum quality in culinary arts and gastronomy. Routledge.

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