Is College the Best Option? Essay Example

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Date:  2022-10-06

Despite the dwindling number of job opportunities, people continue to acquire college education in the hope of bettering their chances of employability. However, the question has always been whether college is the best option for success. Critics of college education argue that it only imparts soft skills that do not address the real issues that the contemporary world faces. Supporters of college education advocates for it based on the creative thinking skills that it gives students. Nevertheless, there should be a succinct discussion on a college education to ascertain its usefulness before taking any stance including looking at it as the best or worst option. Therefore, this paper discusses college education from the standpoint of its usefulness despite the contradicting issues surrounding it.

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Even though many people globally are engaged in the blue collar jobs with a negligible number securing white collar ones that require a college education, the critical and creative thinking that it imparts into learners remains vital in both sectors. For instance, some menial works require high-level decision making that can only occur with a scholarly individual. A college education does not only prepare learners with soft skills that target white collar jobs but also makes a person dependable with or without formal employment. It can accelerate one's actualization of their talents which they can turn into better prospects. It should be noted that every individual can create or discover new ventures that can bring fortunes (Bennett, William, and Wilezol 214). However, the inspiration to discover can occur faster in a college graduate as opposed to one that never attended. An uneducated person may ignore their instinct, but with the right knowledge from school, such high-level ignorance can get eradicated.

Historically, most successful people including the famous Bill Gates are college dropouts which, therefore, dismiss the relevance of college education. However, they require educated individuals to run their ventures. The argument that one can remain successful in business or any other venture without a college education is a fallacy that should get confronted as there is no shortcut whatsoever. Microsoft which is a multinational corporation is run by a battery of engineers among other sophisticated individuals through education (Bennett, William and Wilezol 213). It can authoritatively get stated that it would collapse without the presence of professionals and scholars that are at the core of its operation. It is on this argument that college education can only get construed as the best option.

The intellectual skills that one acquires in college remain vital for ordinary life. Education humbles people and imparts desirable virtues and attitude that are critical for survival in the emerging world. For instance, the tenets of turn-taking while holding a discussion yield the needed moderation and reconciliatory tone which can achieve deserved peace in the threatened conflict society. A college education makes people reasonable in thought and argument which can generate positive outcomes in times of challenges. A college education makes scholars adjust their temperament to levels which are universally accepted (Blake 8). Education is a product of civilization due to its ordered nature. College education, therefore, organizes different characters that were once disorganized or difficult. It is on this premise that college education can only get perceived as the best option.

In spite of many teachers taking most of the students' time in explaining to them the significance of college education, it remains the only best option due to its process nature. Research posits that most college graduates utilize their adulthood in a worthwhile way as opposed to their dropout counterparts. Education keeps the student in a school which protects them against certain challenges of early unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections. The rigorous nature of certain college courses and the considerable longer period makes an adult life for most scholars too tedious to engage in activities that can expose them into the challenges above (Blake 9). It also protects most students against social evils like theft as they utilize most the time studying for better grades. Therefore, college education despite many criticisms associated with it remains the best option.

Finally, it makes people into autonomous characters that can champion their destiny without further distractions. Educated people always practice autonomy in thinking and can make rational decisions. It encourages professionalism in dealing with different situations which cannot occur to anyone that lacks a college education. The time consciousness nature of college education programs inculcates critical traits of punctuality, credibility, and confidence in a student (Bennett, William and Wilezol 211). It makes people accountable and transparent in their dealings with either their peers or any other person. Therefore, a college education remains the best option when it is put on a balance scale.


In conclusion, people often misconstrue any educational endeavor and disregard their worthwhile nature. Critics of a college education often look at the harsh economic standards to disrepute higher education. However, it remains the best option for any right minded person that aspire better prospects. For instance, it develops the virtues of critical thinking in an individual. It also makes one accountable and credible among other desirable outcomes which make it the best option.

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