Ecology Quiz Results Summary

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Date:  2021-03-26

Any ecological footprint should contain resources that sustain the humankind (Wackernagel, 2000). My ecology contains a free-standing house with running water, clean green shaded compound with very specious parking. In terms of transportation, I use all types of transport. I have a personal car, motorbike and I as well use public means occasionally. I commute a lot with motorbikes and public vehicles; I spend more driving myself. A lot of fuel goes to my personal car. I consume more of manufactured and processed food than natural foods.

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Areas which I have the least and which the biggest impact on the earth

I realized that have a very big impact on food. I really take a lot processed and manufactured foods. This is very dangerous and destructive to the ecology (Tobler, 2011). I don't involve a lot of natural foods in my diet a factor that could see our earth preserved. My diet generally is very unhealthy and destructive. On the other hand, I have least impact on goods. In my ecology, I don't have so many goods to deal with.

If everyone lived like you, how many planets we would need

I was surprised to find that, if everyone lived like me we would need two more planet earth's in order for everyone to settle comfortably. I occupy quite a massive land which could be shared by several individuals and live alone luxuriously.

Global acres it takes to support your lifestyle

My ecology sits in 100 by 150 acre plot. Compared to the other commonly held residential places of 50 by 50 or 50 by 100 Acres, this is too much for single individual. Though I feel okay and supported well with this portion of land. I have a feeling that with quite a small piece of ecological footprint and manage it well can still support your lifestyle instead of having a big one which is not exploited fully.

What surprised me about my results

I was surprised to realize that I'm leaving a life that may lead to a demand of two more additional planet earths. This showed me how luxurious life I was living and how I had taken much land on earth leaving others landless.

How my results meant me feel

Those results meant me feel guilty and a greedy person. I thought of the landless people and the congested areas like slams where people lack places to leave and considered myself unfair.

Steps I could take to reduce my ecological footprint

I could first shift to natural foods so as to reduce the impact on food by avoiding processed and manufactured food which leads to more destruction on earth. I would also rent part my house to increase the number of people leaving in the ecosystem. I would finally have only one transport means to reduce a lot of fuel consumption.

My responsibility as a global citizen to protect the earth's resources

My responsibility is to ensure that the environment is conserved by all inhabitants. They should get to understand the balanced ecological environment and ensure co-existence.

Recommendation to a national governing body to help reduce the ecological footprint

I therefore recommend that the governing body limit the number of land acres that should be owned by an individual to a reasonable fixed figure. Some individuals have vast acres of land kept idle while others remain to be squatters. This means ecological imbalance.


Tobler, C. Visschers, V. H., & Siegrist, M. (2011). Eating green. Consumers willingness to adopt Ecological food consumption behaviors. Appetite, 57(3), 674-682.

Wackernagel, M., & Rees, W. (1998). Our ecological footprint: reducing human impact on the earth (No.9). New Society Publishers.

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