Course Work Example on Social Emotional Development of a Teacher

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Date:  2021-06-23

During the period of early childhood, children learn the various ways in which they are supposed to interact with others in an active and also satisfactory manner. They use their social skills to enable them to get the attention from their friends and also when communicating with them such as while borrowing something from their fellow peers which is common in children (Bembenutty, White, & Velez, 2015). A child who is pushing my buttons or making me angry may be lacking positive social interactions. The social, emotional skills, as well as abilities, enables a child to be confident, to be able to listen and understand instructions given to him, to be in a position to easily express his emotions and also be able to relate well with his peers. Lack of positive social interactions with a child during his childhood years results to the child withdrawing himself from his peers, feeling lonely, becoming depressed and anxious.

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My feeling may impact my ability to genuinely document the essence of that particular child because my inner emotional state may tend to fail to correspond to my outward expression. My emotional expressive behavior may impact the self-presentation of the child. I should try and develop a positive interaction with the child and not let my anger to take control of the situation but instead compose myself to be in a position to help that child. I should develop the ability to adapt to the distressing emotions through the use of self-regulatory strategies that will contribute to reducing the pressure that will be drawn up from such emotional situations. Such strategies include understanding the various beliefs and the background of the child.

As a teacher, I will create a supportive environment that will help it conducive for an active social interaction. It will enable the child to communicate and build his social skills quickly. I should also help such a child to be in a position to easily interact with his peers through playing such as guessing games and also his seating position so as he can learn from them. It will help the child not to fear his peers while they are together and also not discriminate each other.

I should pay more attention to that child through the use of both the verbal and the non-verbal reinforce by mostly observing how he behaves while alone and also with other children. I should correct this child on the various ways he should be polite by giving him feedback. I should consider the culture, values and also the beliefs of this child considering the family where he comes from so as not to hurt his emotions.

Self-regulation usually involves different domains which in turn affect the various areas of development. As an adult, I should appropriately hold the developmental expectations of the childs behavior. I should not punish the child for failing to pay attention to what I say or be in a position to keep calm as this will not help them be able to self-regulate themselves. I should provide them with activities that will be challenging to them so as to help them advance their skills. It will assist the self-regulation skills to develop gradually.

In conclusion through careful arrangement of the environment which will contribute to focusing on a child's strengths and also weaknesses during childhood so as to promote his level of interaction with other children even in the future. It is through knowing our behavior as well as our social and also physical environment that can enable us to be able to promote the development of the young people who depend on us for their care.


Bembenutty, H., White, M. C., & Velez, M. R. (2015). Developing self-regulation of learning and teaching skills among teacher candidates. Dordrecht: Springer.

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