Course Work Example: Definition and Scope of Practice of Advanced Practice Registered Nurses

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Date:  2021-06-18

According to Trossman, S. (2002) Advanced practice registered nurse is a healthcare provider who is committed to providing personalized quality healthcare to all. The nursing act in Maryland states that upon completion of the required training and after approval by Board of Nursing one has been provided with a tool to meet the requirement of the population served. The scope of practice allows for the certifying of dental hygienists, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants. The NPs are not mandatory to have a collaborative agreement with a doctor, which means they work independently without supervision. This kind of approach can improve their routine since little or no observation is put in place.

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The act requires focused knowledge, skill and self-determining decision making. Nursing occupation takes widely deviating paths practice focus which varies by setting, type of client, disease type, etc. Owing to the risk caused to the public, if practiced by incompetent professionals, the state through police authority will protect its citizen. This eventually dejects incompetency.

State board responsible for licensing APRNs

According to Yee, (2013), the Maryland Board of Nursing is responsible for licensing and overseeing nurses practicing in the state. The categories of licensure include licensed practical nurses, registered nurse, and nurse practitioner. It offers the license after graduating from a Nurse Practitioner program. The practitioner must undergo certification in their area of specialty by one of the National Credentialing Organization. To become a nurse, one should have completed education in nursing and may pursue a higher level of education and licensure to advance. Another contemplation for licensing is that one must fill out a criminal history record check, this was done through the use of the fingerprint cards which were then processed for two to three weeks. Once through with this, a complete application form with full details was then submitted before registering for Examination. Candidates who failed to achieve a passing score may apply to the board for a re-attempt on a later date, the requirement for this is only the examination fee.

DEA schedule categories approved for APRNs prescribing

Edwards, Maradiegue, Seibert, Macri, & Sitzer, (2006) suggests that the schedule category approved for APRNs is the independent prescribing, this refers to the ability of advanced practice registered nurses to prescribe without limitation and collaboration with a Physician. This DEA schedule category might impact my clinical practice due to too much potential for change causing a challenge in maintaining a current, up-to-date resource with accurate information about independent prescribing laws.

Some of the drug categories approved are Legend drugs, the drugs are habit forming, toxic and has potential for harm. Another one is the schedule II-IV or V drugs, these drugs potential to harm increases with a decrease in the schedule.

National certifying boards recognized by the state

Trossman, (2002) indicates that the National certifying boards recognized by the State include Maryland board of nursing, Maryland board of certified interior designer, Maryland board for professional engineers, Maryland board of public accountancy. Maryland board of nursing best suits my profession because the licensing agency has somewhat flexibility in accepting nurse specialist certification than other advanced practice roles.

The application for a certificate involves the following procedure. First, you download the Nurse Practitioner Approval Form, fill the requirements which are necessary leaving the rest blank for the board, print the form and finally submitted to the school. It's necessary for all involved to observe the duration allocated to avoid penalties.


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