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Question One

Introduce and explain the term comprehension and discuss the objectives for developing comprehensive text.

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Learners gather vital information regarding a specific subject and are of concern through reading and synthesizing data or information. To enable the use of information collected through text, the reader needs to decode it correctly and understand the information read properly. Besides, the reader needs to possess necessary competent and proficient skills to enable them to identify the problem and main issue being addressed through writings. Therefore, the term comprehension is the ability of the reader to understand the content and context of the passage, paragraph, or word read. It means that reading comprehension requires the reader to have active interactions with sources and material reading to enhance proper under

The main objective of creating and developing a comprehensive text is to enable the reader to decode the message and content effectively to promote a clear understanding of what is being communicated. As stated earlier, reading compression intend to initiate transformation and enlightenment of the reader, or learners through acquiring new information. It is established through the development of the reader's confidence, interest, and fluency in language communication and enabling them to stay informed.

Question Two

Present, Describe and model the strategies for formally teaching comprehension as well as the research-based strategies that enhance comprehension and provide opportunities for students to work with text actively.

Strategies of comprehension are groups of steps a reasonable reader uses in making sense of the text. The instructions help the reader to become purposeful. The comprehension teaching strategies include; monitoring comprehension, metacognition, Semantic organizers and graphics, question answering and question generations, recognize the structure of the story, and text summary.

Monitor comprehension and metacognition. Proper monitoring of awareness by learners helps them understand what they are reading and when they do not understand. The instructions have the importance of supporting the learners to be good at the monitoring of what the students understand, identification of what they do not understand and resolve the problem. Most of the learners apply metacognitive strategies in having control above their reading. The students might highlight their reason for reading and preview the text before starting to read. In the reading process, students should monitor their thoughtful and regulating their reading speeds, and then after reading, let them check their knowledge on what they read.

Semantic organizers and graphics. They illustrate concepts and the relationship with manuscript concepts or by diagrams. Graphics are significant to readers in focusing on the concepts and in what way the ideas relate to each other. Students can read and understand picture books and textbooks.

Question generation and answering. The relationship between answers and questions inspires the learners in learning the ways of answering questions better. Issues are essential because they give the student the reading purpose, and it also helps students to be active while reading the book. Through generating the problem, the learners are aware of answering questions, or understanding what students read. The learners will learn how to combine the pieces of evidence that come from various text segments and improve their creativity in questioning themselves.

Recognize the structure of the story. The learners learn to classify the content category by use of a map story. The story structure instructions improve the learners' understanding. Briefing the document needs the learners to control the significance of what they have read, and able to put it in their own words. It assists the learners to generate critical text thoughts and also remember what they have learned.

The Strategies of Research-based Reading

Loud Reading

Students benefit from the conversations surrounding the crucial topics that come up during the passage reading aloud, which are inevitable to all students and listening to a fluent reader.

Modeling and Graphic Organizers

The students will be able to see for themselves what a good reader does. Modeling allows the teacher to validate the transparent process that goes within the reader's mind. The graphic organizer helps the students make sense of what they are reading.

Students Bring their Own Unique Experiences

The reader, or students tell what they have read and created their meaning from it. Here there are no wrong or right answers to theme-specific comprehension questions. Allow the students to read with their peers.

Question Three

Compare each and Highlight the Purpose

Comprehension reading strategies emphasize comprehension monitoring where the teacher can identify the students who able to understand the text or those that are not while in research-based strategies the teacher can identify those students who can read fluently or not. Furthermore, Semantic organizers and graphics in comprehension reading strategies emphasize the concept and how it relates to others in the same text. Still, in the research-based approach, they help in making the students understand what they are reading.

Question Four

What is the definition of fluency, and how is it related to comprehension?

Fluency is the ability of an individual to read with accuracy and standard speed by decoding the words read. Reading enable readers to gain information from the text regarding what happened to the character and the subject within the story or learning new information about the surrounding. Fluency and compression both involve the reading process understanding the text vividly. The learner is classified as a proficient and competent reader when the reading comprehension and fluency skill both match and when are at grade level. Therefore, it is critical to strive to attain proper balance fluency and comprehension skills to achieve the purpose of reading.

What are the characteristics of a fluent reader?

A fluent reader is characterized by having excellent and automatic decoding skills displayed during the reading process. If the student is a fluent reader, in most cases does not need to re-read the text, passage and have a wide range of vocabulary words. Besides, the person does not vocalize words while reading the text. The person usually sees, process, and read several words or sentences with each eye fixations.

What are some strategies for developing fluency?

If the person is not a fluent reader, the instructor can help the learner develop and enhance fluent skills through reading aloud to provide approaches of reading eloquent by establishing confidence (Morrow, n. p). Besides, the teaching can make a recording to allow learners to list and follow the reading process while practicing the pronunciation of words during playing activities such as the reader's theatre play. The learner also can improve and enhance fluent skills at an individual by doing a choral reading and repeating the test several times to strengthen decoding ability.

How is fluency evaluated?

Learners' fluency mostly evaluated through oral assessment reading within a specified period. For instance, the instructor prepares passage with specific word count and vocabularies to determine learners are reading speed and how words pronunciation proficiency. Therefore, fluency is evaluated based on the accuracy and speed of reading.

Work Cited

Morrow, Lesley Mandel. "Literacy development in the early years." Needham Heights, MA (2001).

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