Essay Example on a College Student's Struggle With Early Risers

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Date:  2023-01-12

Ben Franklin once stated that "Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" But I know what you would say. It is easier said than done. As you know, being in college is fun for everyone. You get to have Fridays off, and you get to sleep in until late morning. That means we have more time to watch movies late into the night and we can also attend college parties. Furthermore, the ample time in college allows us to sleep in and press the snooze button to the point that we have just enough time to roll out of bed and get to class. However, let us consider the fact that after college, there is no other place where you will get a chance to sleep in or get an off on Friday. I remember when I was in high school, I used to wake up at the same time with my parents, and we would leave the house at the same time. I just realized that after graduation, I would get into a job that starts at eight or nine in the morning. To make matters more intense, I will need to wake up extra early for me to get ready and arrive at work early and looking presentable. Now that I know all the benefits of waking up early and I am growing concerned about the people who do not know or trust about the benefits of waking up early.

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We all know life is not easy. One thing I am sure we all face every day is stress. Stress begins when you hit the snooze button for a while then realize you are going to be late and you have to rush to get things done. Combined with a minor issue such as being stuck in traffic or hearing negative comments from colleagues, the stress levels hike up, and you feel like the day is getting worse. As a result, you become less active at work by mid-morning even though your mind is supposed to be at its optimum sharpness during this time. Stress has everything to do with major health problems such as obesity, depression, and lack of motivation. Ten major health problems are coming from stress. However, waking up early has an aspect of preventing stress and all the health problems. For instance, if you get up early, you will have adequate time to prepare yourself and leave the house early. Leaving early will ensure that you get to work early even if you are stuck in traffic. In the end, you will have lower stress levels, and your mind will be free to focus on work.

How many people skip breakfast and off to school or work? You know what people say "breakfast is the most important meal of the day." But we have no idea how important until we start making a routine of having breakfast. Over the years, several medical studies have shown that selecting the right type of breakfast improves your memory while at the same time, enhances your ability to focus. However, skipping breakfast may make it more difficult to concentrate. I understand that breakfast is a meal that we often neglect due to time constraints. The brain needs breakfast to work correctly. Child heart and adult health found regular breakfast consumptions may reduce the risk for type 2 diabetes in adults. Therefore, waking up early will provide you with an extra ten minutes to brew a cup of coffee or even cook some eggs with a whole wheat toast. Furthermore, also if time constraints may prevent you from cooking a full nutritious breakfast, waking up early will ensure that you can have access to some coffee which will help to wake you up further and boost your performance and creativity in the morning. For instance, a study conducted at Texas University indicates that college students who are early risers have a better grade than people who don't wake up early with an average grade is 3.5 vs. 2.5 from individuals who are not early risers.

Have you ever wished for more time during the day? How many times do you feel like you are not accomplishing as much as you hoped? If you said yes, have you ever thought of why? And it's a pretty stressful aspect. Richard Whately noted that "if you lost an hour in the morning by waking up late, you would take the whole day trying to recover it but you won't because it is already gone." A statistic shows that those who wake up early rarely claim that they wish for more time. Morning people have the advantage of a few more hours than those who wake up later. They tend to use morning time to organize their thoughts or things for the day and thus, are more productive. Furthermore, waking up early does not mean that you will have less sleep. On the contrary, waking up means that you get more sleep since one has to go to sleep early if he or she wants to wake up early. For instance, I go to bed around 10:30 and get seven hours of sleep. This pattern helps me to wake up early and get ready for school while at the same time, staying productive throughout the day.


In summary, to prevent all the stress and significant health problems, you need to start a day with positive attitudes and action. Making extra time to wake up early and use those time for things you can't do later during the day leads you to a positive environment. Now I know some people will disagree since some people have kids or work during the night shift or are juggling school and work. However, once you manage to wake up early, you will appreciate a lot of things that you would never experience when you wake up late. You will get more energy and build more confidence, and more importantly, you will be happier and less stressful. Now that I know all the benefits of waking up early, I encourage you to try waking up early.

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