Cognitive and Educational Evaluation Report

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Date:  2021-03-22

Summary of the results

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Technical soundness of the assessment and how they minimise rater bias Appropriateness of the assessment tool

Tests of Cognitive Abilities

At 11 years of age, Adam scores average when it comes to cognitive abilities. He is averagely fast when forming simple concepts and providing examples. He is however slow at decision making and reflecting past experiences. Generally, this is average performance for children his age. The assessment of Adam's cognitive abilities was based on his intellectual capabilities. The assessment is effective and free from the risk of bias because it is based on standard comparable measures. The assessment measures various different aspects based on the manner in which Adam performs various tasks. The measures are standardised thus reducing the risk of rater bias. The selected outcome is appropriate for Adam because it comprehensively measures his different cognitive abilities and it also uses standard measurement scores.

Tests of Achievement

When compared to other children his age, Adam's achievement levels are within the low average level. Adam records fairly low scores when it comes to basic reading and writing skills, listening and writing comprehensions, academic knowledge and written expressions. His scores for oral language abilities, written expressions, and mathematics reasoning are all low. This means that he is likely to face considerable challenges when it comes to performing age-level tasks requiring the above-mentioned skills and capabilities, difficult. Adam's achievement was measured to the outcome of various different tests. The tests are standardised and so are their measure. This helps in ensuring that the obtained outcomes are accurate and measurable. Rater bias was limited by the fact that the tests and the measurements on the scales are standardised. The assessment tool used to measure Adam's achievement is appropriate because it appropriately provides comparable outcomes of different levels and types of academic and educational achievement.

Universal Nonverbal Intelligence Test

When it comes to informal writing, Adam displayed confidence and the ability to remain focused in achieving particular outcomes. He is capable of writing adequately well. What is more is that his abilities to form letters, structure sentences, use vocabularies, punctuate and use pronouns appropriately are all relevant. Additionally, Adam's syntax is appropriate for someone his age. The assessment of Adam's universal non-verbal intelligence is tested through assessing how he accomplishes a writing assignment. Therefore, the assessment is not technically sound. Furthermore, it can also be influenced by the assessors bias. To minimise the bias, the assessment assesses various different attributes of the writing assignment, including handwriting, spelling, use of vocabulary and pronouns, and sentence structure among other aspects. The appropriateness of the assessment tool used to measure Adam's non-verbal intelligence test is derived from the fact that the test was based on a measurable writing assignment. It is possible to measure different aspects of the assignment, making it relevant.

Recommendation for Educational Decisions

Based on the above report, it is evident that some urgent changes as required to enhance the manner in which Adam is able to learn. Though his scores on cognitive abilities are average, Adam's achievement ratings are relatively low. It is evident that Adam's concentration and attention spans are low. This is mainly because he is easily distracted. Hence the changes in his education need to be centered on improving his concentration levels.

Adam is able to recollect from his stored knowledge, however the rate at which he does so is limited. This can be improved by ensuring that Adam is tested on a regular basis. Regular tests can considerably improve the speed at which he is able to retrieve memories when challenged to do so. From a different perspective, his ability to recall can be improved by making education more memorable for him. This can be done through making education more exiting by using aspects such as visual aids when explaining important points. The use of play can also be increasingly integrated to the learning process; for instance, using stories and word or activity games during the teaching and learning process. The aspect of play is however the most appropriate recommendation because it is aimed at improving Adams long term learning capabilities including the speed at which he forms simple concepts and also how fast he makes decisions and recollects important information. With regards to improving his concentration, the use of play activities and visual aid can serve as effective additions to his learning.

Adam performed poorly in most of the timed tests that were aimed at evaluating his achievement levels. He delayed at recalling stories and he also performed poorly when it comes to basic reading and writing skills. He does not have average oral language abilities as well as written expressions. His mathematical reasoning is also worrisome. The best approach that can be used to ensure that Adam is up to par with his peers in achievement is to engage in more one on one personalised education with Adam. Adam needs to have personalised tuition which is based on one on one approach of teaching. This is because it is evident that he is interested in performing the same tasks his peers are performing, and in the same way. He however is slower than them. His reading and writing skills can be improved when he received personal training that would be focused on improving his phonological awareness, sight reading, and passage comprehension among other achievement aspects.

It is notable that Adam's hearing is okay and his sight is fine when he uses his corrective lenses. Therefore, the education that he receives should be purely based on correcting his cognition, oratory and writing abilities. Having the personalised approach to education and providing him with more exercises can effectively improve his cognitive abilities, achievement and informal writing. Play activities and group work can be incorporated to his learning to ensure that Adam is able to interact more positively with his peers, and learn in the process.


Adam is an intelligent student. However, he is experiencing some considerable issues that may impede his ability to learn appropriately and cope with his peers. Most notable aspects include that he is shy and withdrawn, easily distracted and has low attention span. Adam is having challenges keeping up with his peers with regards to academic attributes. The issues are only likely to become compounded in the future. Though he is currently able to keep up with his peers, he does so with a lot of difficulty which is evident in the speed at which he successfully achieves basic tasks. Based on these attributes, it is prudent that Adam receives specialised education attention to ensure that he progresses at the same level with his peers.

Socialisation and play are very important to the development of children. Adam has however shown signs that he is not very social. He engages in limited play with his peers and even when he plays with them his patience is evidently seen as being a concern. What is more is that his oratory and written skills are facing challenges. The more Adam progresses in his education, the more the challenges he is facing become evident. His struggles with keeping up with the level of average speed displayed by his peers shows that he needs special attention. If he does not receive the recommended specialised education services on time, it is likely that his developmental progress will be adversely affected. It is therefore important that consent is provided for him to receive special education services.

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