Clarion School for Boys Case Study

Paper Type:  Case study
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Wordcount:  579 Words
Date:  2022-04-14


From the case study, it is clear that Clarion school for boys is facing several problems. The school invests hugely but lacks internal analysis. Without proper internal investigation, any investment would not be successful. The school has realized that labour costs take a significant portion of the operating budget and believes that computerization would be the solution. Subsequently, they have introduced AS/400 information System and acquired an additional 60 computers. This move has become disadvantageous. Now worse than before, the school is plagued with a staff that that cannot work with Information system and less budget to upgrade. The proposed solution here could be employing an IS manager and obtaining new data structure to supplement the current one.

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The importance of making information system investments is that it helps in the achievement of various organization goals. Consequently, several organizations are putting the latest innovations as updates and changes occur day by day. Monitoring and making sure that Information System stays updated is a responsibility of the IS manager. After making the Information System investments, Clarion school never employed an IS manager. Establishing a permanent position for the Information System manager is crucial here. An IS manager is a mechanical specialist with broad knowledge of software engineering and data innovation. The manager should have a permanent position on the long-range organizing of the advisory group. The managerial task will give the individual responsibility of handling the networks, telephone lines, and the personal computers. He will be able to access and actualize all IS requirements. He/she can conduct all the IS tasks including remodelling of the existing frameworks. With the use of accumulated data for Clarion-Milwaukee, the specialist can offer recommendations that are appropriate for the school's needs.

Another crucial task is making sure that the workforce can utilize the new Information System framework. Earlier on, the school felt that the structures were being underutilized since nobody had the skills to use the applications. The IS specialist equally needs to have the perceptiveness to contract additional human resource to help realize and look after frameworks. Additionally, they should come up with and implement training needs for the existing staff. Subsequent training can improve employee's knowledge of the information system hence full utilization. Employees needed to be ready and encouraged to use the existing Information System frameworks. Probably, they can utilize it in a case where the request made is specific to their skills.

Clarion School should also obtain and utilize another data structure to supplement the existing AS/400. This includes all the related equipment's, applications and programming tools. The manager assigned to the Information System should prepare, test, bolster and introduce the frameworks. The framework should take into considerations details of the issues that the school was facing. A system life cycle methodology will help in instituting requests and predictable plans. Such applications can be incorporated into the school's five-year plan. In this manner, the school will not feel financial pressure when addressing the Information System requirements. The board of directors should understand all the strengths and weakness of the new systems and costa associated.


As evident, an internal analysis is crucial before implementing a change in an organization. Prior review of employees and requirements for the initiation of Information System at Clarion would make the first attempt a success. However, it is not late since creating a permanent IS specialist position can help correct several mistakes. Additionally obtaining and utilizing new frameworks can make the change process successful.

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