Essay Sample on Play Therapy: A Research-Based Approach to Helping Children

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Date:  2023-01-12


Play therapy is a process of meeting and replying to the mental requirements of a child and it is extensively approved by the experts as a suitable and an effective way in dealing with the brain development of a child. This form of psychotherapy helps children to show their feelings and emotions, to advance their communication, and also so that they can be able to solve problems without much difficulty.

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The importance of having research data is that it helps us understand about the critical concepts about the play therapy where it helps us to understand that it is a key in which kids understand and make denotation of the world that is around them, gaining cautious attention and being guided by the individuals who are skilled to the play of kids so that they can bring about some relaxing results. The research about play therapy is very complicated and that is why the play therapy experts have divided the play therapy into many fields. These research fields have enabled people to gain recognition and the respect concerning mental well-being, to increase their recognition concerning mental fitness and to discourse the more experimental of assuring backing from the third-party prayers. The therapy that does not have a history that is well-documented and that is clear about the efficacy of play therapy will not be funded any longer and it will finally be enforced to the background. Another reason why research is conducted is that it helps to provide full evidence to those effects of the efficacy of play therapy.

One of the challenges that are facing research about play rehabilitation is that it has been pragmatic to a big array of child glitches. It said that for the last years, play therapy has been associated with child problems such as depressive symptoms, divorce, internalizing behaviors, externalizing behaviors, child trauma and anxiety problems. The scope and span of play therapy make it hard to easily distinguish the precise theoretical background which would give a detailed explanation on how the therapeutic change happens. In many cases, the approach of the treatment is created within the context of a precise theoretical background, for example, psychoanalytic, behavioral and cognitive behavior which rationally explicates how an explicit theory-based bustle can result with the change of client such as the decrease in symptoms of mental health.

In order to bring more progress about the effectiveness of play therapy, the researchers need to conduct research in a significant size which involves single-case studies, a sequence of pilot studies and also conduct research using sample sizes that are small such as the small-N studies. These examples offer a chance to scrutinize a big variety of intervention growth issues, for example, evaluating the possibility of the valuation policy, refining the intrusion, assessing the adherence of the therapists for intervention and also training the therapists. The upcoming clinicians and the small graduate students should be trained in the procedure of conducting intrusion research so as to increase credibility. To make this process even more effective, the hubs for illness control and the National Organization of Health have created programs that are precisely for the graduate scholars who are looking for a career in research.

According to Schumann, he said that the public health of the U.S gave a report which showed there is an increasing number of children's behavioral, growth and emotional needs which are not being met effectually (Schumann, 2010). If children go through play therapy, there will be improved parenting skills, decrease in behavioral glitches of the child, and an advanced relationship between the child and the parents.


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Schumann, B. (2010). Effectiveness of child-centered play therapy for children referred for aggression. Child-centered play therapy research: The evidence base for effective practice, 193-208.

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