Co-Teaching an Online Action Research Class - Essay on Education

Paper Type:  Essay
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Date:  2021-06-23

We frame our method as practice-centered: describing and analyzing various needs and challenges and highlighting the design thinking that led to critical course elements. This quoted text from the article is very important as it focuses on the practical application of co-teaching an online Action Research (AR) class. The text in italics practice-centered shows the basic methodology of practical application of co-teaching. The author is encouraging brainstorming in deciding how well to apply co-teaching using activities. Design thinking means that co-teaching is a proactive exercise which needs full participation. The quoted text links up with virtually every other part of the article because it shows the expected end results. Goals and objectives are achieved but only through a practice-centered approach which is the authors main purpose in the article.

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frequency of interaction, responsiveness, nonverbal communication, and tone all contributed to the sense that other participants were real and involved in the course. For online classes, non-verbal cues and tone remain important for synchronous sessions, group conferencing, and recorded feedback. The quoted text shows details of the practice-centered process mentioned above. It shows the factors that are crucial for successful application of co-teaching an online Action Research (AR). The author refers to another study on co-teaching which showed the results. What works best in online learning is listed, and components which might prove to be a challenge such as non-verbal cues are shown to have a practical use and implications. In the quoted text one finds out that the author is championing for the online sessions and co-teaching to be as realistic as possible. The more realistic the learning process, the more successful it is for all the participants- students and teachers alike.

Co-teaching is more participatory and less authority-driven than most methods of professional development. It has a benefit though of building capacity within a course, as well as within instructors, and fostering more innovation than traditional methods. The quoted content shows the salient features of co-teaching. The author emphasizes that it is more participatory in that the student and teachers engage at almost the same level unlike traditional methods of professional development in which students and teachers are two separate entities. Hence, here is where the author shows some benefits of co-teaching. Students can participate more and be creative in their contribution- something called capacity building. As an option for professional development, its benefits stand out and besides any other challenge that may be associated with co-teaching it has its advantages.

In summary, the quoted content shows a linear process of co-teaching. First and foremost, the author answers how best to implement co-teaching for an online class doing Action Research. Two teachers, a virtual platform for learning and a specialized class are not trivial variables. The author identifies a process-centered approach to be the best way forward. Secondly, the article emphasizes the importance of making the learning process as realistic as possible, and this is a big challenge because the platform for learning is online. However, it can be achieved. Lastly, the author concludes that co-teaching an online class has its benefits which are mostly making participation easy for all the parties involved- students and co-teachers. The author has mentioned some challenges of co-teaching in the article, and to the reader, co-teaching seems an interesting and practical learning option.

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