How Parents Can Promote Good Reading Habits in Their Children Essay

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Date:  2022-09-22

Each child should enjoy reading since it should be fun reading thus acquiring more concepts. Reading should come from the child, but a parent can contribute to his son or daughter reading habits. Every parent desires the best for their children and therefore wishes they develop positive reading habits. Promotion of good reading habits in their children occurs in four ways which are: determining the reasons why the child dislikes reading, the creation of a reading area for the child, being a role model as an active reader, and sharing with the children on what they are reading.

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First, for a problem to be solved there has to be the determination of the causes of the problem. By the parents discovering the reasons why the kid dislike reading they will try and reduce or eliminate the causes. The discovery will act as an insight to help in making learning more enjoyable thus the child developing a positive attitude towards reading and in turn developing good reading habits.

The second way to promote good reading is through the creation of a reading area for the child and the entire family. The reading corner which should have the reading materials and other fun accessories will motivate the kid to sit especially if the environment is favorable. Creation of the reading area will result in a positive reading mentality and make reading easier at home and away from home. The children will feel the parents' support thus struggling not to let them down.

The third way is through being a role model to the children by demonstration of good reading habits. The children will love to do what their parents are doing and in most cases try emulating them, and this is no exception in reading. There will be the encouragement of the kids to read, and they may join the parents in reading. The children will be confident that they can quickly get help from their parent when stuck in the process of interpretation. The reading materials in this scenario will also be readily available at home thus easily assessed. There will also be a reading time for the family hence the children developing good reading habits.

The fourth way is through sharing with the children on what they are reading. Sharing will ensure they develop good reading habits because they provide awareness of the content in the material they are reading since there will be a questioning section. Try to ask them on the parts the loved most and what they learnt from the content and that way they will exercise keenness when reading. The children when they see that their parents are interested in the material they are reading the will make sure they polish on it and that way promoting good reading habits among the children.


Reading is one of the essential skills required by a child due to its great importance like the development of vocabulary, the increment of attention duration, and encouragement of knowledge attainment. It should be the duty of each parent to promote good reading habits to their children since that is the best favor that a parent can do to their kids. Good reading habits guarantee a bright future for the children through enlightening the mind and making someone yearn to study more and by so doing it will be a win for the individual, the family, friends, and the society at large. I, therefore, recommend the use of the strategies mentioned above by parents to increase the literacy levels in the universe by promoting good reading habits among their children.

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