Chocolate Chip Cookies: Essay Sample on College Business Opportunity

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Date:  2023-03-27


The right market choice always determines the success of any business. The college students' love for chocolate chip cookies offers an excellent opportunity to commence a company of this nature. Therefore, I look forward to setting an on-campus business for selling chocolate chip cookies to my fellow students by first developing a comprehensive business plan.

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Executive Summary

It is a one-to-three-page general idea of the business plan (Mckeever, 2016). The love of chocolate chip cookies among college students sees my proposal for a baking business. It will be situated in an apartment near the campus. My purpose will be to bake the best cookies with excellent management. I will value the integrity, quality, and consideration of others. Each cookie will be sold for $1 and $10 per dozen. Each of my cookies will have ten chocolate chips, making them superior to the competitors' cookies. Also, I will make my cookies promotion via the college newspaper. I will need approximately $600 as startup capital with an expected first-year sale of $6,000 and $1,500 net income.

Description of Proposed Business

In this section, a brief company description is presented to provide the reasons for starting the business, its benefits, and the motives it will be successful (Write your business plan). My proposed venture will be a bakery company for chocolate chip cookies. I will use only fresh ingredients making them unique, and my main customers will be college students. The cookies will be sold at $1 each or $10 a dozen. Also, I will ship them anywhere in Canada and the United States. My business will be located in an apartment near the college.

Industry Analysis

The section provides a brief industry introduction that you propose to operate (Mckeever, 2016). New companies can successfully enter the baking industry within the United States and Canada. The irresistibility of chocolate chip cookies among college students is a great business opportunity. However, competition from local bakeries is the primary threat with six bakeries within walking distance from the college. Despite the tight race, my cookies will be superior as well as popular with campus students.

Mission Statement and Cover Values

The mission statement explains the purpose of the organization, while core values are the fundamental beliefs on what is appropriate in conducting its activities (Parsons, 2020). My goal is to bake the best cookies in college and deliver them fresh as the mission statement of my proposed business. My core values will comprise integrity, quality assurance, and consideration of others.

Management Plan

This segment offers information concerning the qualifications of the chief management personnel (Write your business plan). My management team will be excellent. Also, I will hire a vice president that will be entitled to a salary of $100 each week.

Goods and the Production Process

At this stage in a business plan, you describe all the services and products that you will offer the marketplace and also your plan to make or obtain the products (Mckeever, 2016). I will bake nothing but only cookies in a friend's apartment kitchen near campus. Each of the cookies will have ten chocolate chips, and only fresh ingredients will be used.


It is a critical section in the business plan that centers on the four marketing-related areas comprising of pricing, target market, promotion, and distribution (Write your business plan). My target market is the college students, and each cookie will be sold for $1 and $10 per dozen. Also, the cookies will be sold directly to the students. I will promote my cookies by placing ads in the college newspaper.

Financial Plan

This section of the business plan presents the financial projections that are expected in sales, costs, and profits (Parsons, 2020). I will need a startup capital of nearly $600 in loan form. Also, I will expect first-year sales of around $6,000 with a net income of $1,500.


It is vivid from the discussion that a business plan is a blueprint for an organization. The success of the proposed chocolate cookies business depends on its planning. The planning concerns financial forecasting, product marketing, and competition survival as well as proper management. It is with confidence that it can be stated all these factors have been taken into consideration while planning the baking business. It is no doubt that the company will succeed.


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