Free Personal Statement Sample on Pursuing an MBA

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Date:  2023-11-16


I have worked in a dynamic work setting, where I have been able to do many things. Of which I have successfully put a tangible impact in some, but not as much as I would have wanted to. I want to do more to progress in my educational exploits and also put a tangible impact, and I believe that CSUN is the place to be. I possess a theoretical and practical understanding of aspects of management but the very little outlook of advanced management, hence my desire to pursue an MBA. I also gather that the MBA program integrates advanced insights into perspectives of management that shall help me develop into a brand professional with interdisciplinary knowledge management, plus a technical field of specialization. Most importantly, my interest in this program lies in its ability to provide systematic theoretical support, plus the excellent tradition and down-to-earth intellect. More than ever, there is a need to develop leaders who have the right competencies and values. Being able to study in such an institution that focuses on analyzing competencies is imperative or taking personal values and service leadership to a level of building the community.

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Future Goals

Having graduated from a program in Business Management, my skills and experiences in this field have made me increasingly conscious of the importance of management and professionalism. Thus, I would like to establish myself as a brand professional in management. In the first five years, I seek to concentrate on my studies as well as build my research skills. Even so, I also want to gain exposure to diverse tools and networks that shall accentuate both my professional and personal development. On the other hand, my long term goal is to develop as an effective manager and entrepreneur by pursuing social engagement goals. Ideally, this goal will drive me to build a network of integrated support systems that can help improve the accessibility to innovative ideas and practices with the ultimate aim of bringing empowerment to start-up entrepreneurs.

Achieving Goals

At CSUN, I will have access to advanced first-hand international concepts, research skills, experimental learning, and insights from a diverse team of internationally acknowledged professors, and students. With this in hand, I believe I will be able to maneuver in the market to comprehend dynamic operations at the same time, develop vital leadership skills. Furthermore, the USA is in the face of infinite challenges and opportunities. Implicitly, holistic education will play a significant role in the future development of the society as there is a continuous need to keep pace with innovative development by integrating advanced management perspectives to work out proper guidelines and principles that shall create innovative solutions for our people. Furthermore, the USA continues to advance numerous reforms to encourage entrepreneurship. Thus, having the right education will not only provide a career [progression but also the platform to steer the economic development of the country.


Taken together, I do not fully comprehend the dimension of advanced management, but what I know is that I am on a real need for a systematic and overall study of the same. Aside from my interest in academics, I also possess a spectrum of social skills that shall come in handy in developing a perspective of human relationships. I intend to take part in several extracurricular activities to be able to pursue my talents in multiple disciplines to grow as a holistic individual. All said, I am not any different. My life, similar to those of others, has been marked by success and failures. However, my life mantra has been determination and perseverance. I have been consistent in proving in my previous studies and work experiences that persistence and determination is the key to improving oneself towards self-actualization. I know that the road to academic pursuit is beset with challenges, tellingly I am flexible and well prepared to meet the imminent challenges.

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