Service Delivery System (SDS) and Customer Experience Analysis (CEA) Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-23


A service delivery system, commonly known as the customer service system is a technological configuration and an organizational network that is designed with the aim of delivering services which satisfy customer wants, needs, and aspirations. Service-scape can be defined as a model established by Bitner and Booms with the intention of emphasizing the impact of service-scape acts like the packaging of a product by communication of a product's total image. It provides information on product usage. The paper presents an analysis of McDonald's service delivery system and their service-scape providing service-scape imagery to provide physical evidence. The report also provides a mystery shop survey analysis. Additionally, the report also includes a critique of the service delivery blueprint and service elements. Towards the end of the report, it provides recommendations for changes in McDonald.

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Background of the Organization

Mc Donald is a global fast-food company based in America. Maurice and Richard McDonald in 1937 founded it. Its initial name was The Airdrome food stand that sold hamburgers at ten cents. In 1940, the name was changed to McDonald's Bar-B-Q since it changed its product to serving twenty-five items that were flavored with barbecue on the menu. Later, the two brothers noted that most of their profits were intrigued by hamburger sales, therefore changing the company's menu to excellent hamburgers, French fries, cheeseburgers, and soft drinks (Vignali, 2001). McDonald's competitive positioning strategy is characterized by segmentation, positioning, and targeting. McDonald aims at offering a friendly and fun environment for everyone regardless of their age hence providing a sense of enjoyment. That means that it targets families who are interested in happy meals, workers taking breakfast during the rush hour or those people who enjoy free Wi-Fi and ground coffee.

Service Delivery Elements


To deliver its services, McDonald provides its customers with information about the value form of any product or service. McDonald provides information on the services offered for visitors to attracts more consumers. The information provides the different types of payment methods, customer service numbers, prices of different meals and snacks, and hotel facilities. Clients can get any information, location, promotion packages, and location of various outlets from McDonald's website.

Order taking and Billing

In McDonald, once a client has settled and ready to make an order, they are moved to the order taking process. Customers can make their orders through the telephone, from the firm's website, and by e-mail. After making orders, customers get their product price information all included in one receipt. The prices of different products can be found on the menu, their website, on the counter, on flyers, and from the customer service center.

Identification of employee and customer scripts

Customer satisfaction is brought about by the ability of an organization's employees to demonstrate a positive attitude and striving to commit to becoming the number one. It is for this reason that McDonald focuses on hiring the best employees while providing them with the best world environment (Schneider & Bowen, 2010). IN 2015, McDonald provided a new protocol of taking orders. The new protocol involves "ask and tell." This is where a waitress taking orders must repeat the order to consumers to ensure it is correct (Talpau & Boscor 2011). The protocol was established as part of their efforts to ensure they get correct orders.

In McDonald, their service distribution is evenly distributed in every area, at the restaurant. Upon entering, one is welcomed by the security soldiers at the doors, after which the waitresses move around greet one as they request for one's order. McDonald offers a twenty-four-hours service, and their services are consistent (Schneider & Bowen, 2010).

The Service-scape

Service-scapes effects on customers are highly underutilized and underappreciated. The physical surroundings of a company are frequently changed without considering the impact of the changes on employees or customers. McDonald has several service-scapes, from the outward appearance, the outlet is painted with photos of is yummy products. The firm provides a platform where a waiter and a customer engage on a personal level while making orders (Schneider & Bowen, 2010). The inside appearance of McDonald shows a neatly mopped floor and busy waiters who are smartly and uniformly dressed. The firm provides customers with a personal payment method where one can pay on their own, and a receipt is produced for orders paid for (Talpau & Boscor 2011). McDonald offers friendly and warm services to their customers.

The most probable potential bottleneck in McDonald is a large number of customers. McDonald serves approximately half of Singapore's population, therefore; there is always a rush while serving them (Lee et al. 2018). The company receives moments of truths from customers when they come into contact with McDonald's products. Most customers find McDonald's products delicious.

Critique of Service Delivery Blueprint and Service Elements

While a customer enters a McDonald outlet, at times all the waiters are busy hence they may take some time to serve one. The front and backstage are neatly arranged apart from some dirty floor patches. McDonald does not give a first time customer on tangible clues of what to consume. Customer actions in McDonald are not adhered to, and customer feedback is, and in this food place, waiters never ask for it. The services personnel are at times seemingly too tired hence serve the people with an attitude. The support system should ensure proper management inclusive of neatness and service delivery, and this is not the case in McDonald as one can find dust traces on tables and the floor (Gronroos 1982). Due to long working hours, some employees provide customers with cold internal interaction. The fail points in both the front and backstage are a failure to employ enough support staff to assist in serving the customers who at times have to wait for too long.


It is recommended that McDonald employ more employees to help in reducing the amount of time one waits to be served. This way it will enhance efficiency, and it yields customer satisfaction. McDonald's management should ensure that every staff completes their assigned roles successfully especially the cleanliness employees who dust and was the tables and floors. A clean environment is vital in satisfying a customer's view about the safety of the purchased product. Additionally, McDonald should at least ensure that they have enough workers who can work in shifts to prevent long working hours that make some employees exhausted and burnt out. McDonald should always seek to get the customer's feedback about their services and products, this way the firm can identify its weak points and improve on them


In conclusion, a firm's SDS and CEA are important in its daily running. From the report it is clear that McDonald is a global firm that possesses three aspects o service delivery elements namely; information, taking of orders and billing, and employee and customer scripts. The aspects help in the firm's smooth service delivery to consumers. Additionally, the firm has several service-scapes that help in creating its image and providing an idea of how the firm offers its service and the products offered.


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