Awareness of Light

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Date:  2021-03-10

In the morning, the outdoor light is brighter than the indoor light. The rays of the rising sun give it an orange tint, which makes its way into the walls of the room. This light made me feel strong and optimistic about the day. I felt hopeful, excited and determined to go out and face the new day (Sleegers et. al., 2013). The outdoor light made me imagine how my day will be. I visualized the things I plan on doing later on, and how I will meet friends and colleagues. I had a joyful mood. The indoor light, being a little darker than the outside, made me remember the occurrences of the previous day. As the dim light reflects on the photo frames, I remembered my parents, and I realized how I miss them. This made me think of a day when I will go to visit them. As a result of the dim indoor light, I felt anxious about what lies ahead (Zadeh, Shepley, Williams & Sung Eun Chung, 2014).

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During the day, the outdoor light was at its brightest. I had trouble seeing as the bright rays were affecting my sight. I felt even more energized than in the morning (Sleegers et. al., 2013). I had a good mood, and all I wanted to do was chat and laugh with my friends. I felt stress-free and happy (Sleegers et. al., 2013). Surprisingly, my mind did not wander off, I was attentive to what people were discussing; my personal issues were far from my mind. The indoor light was almost as bright; the difference is I could see without the interferences of too much light. The lighting in this room was supplied by white bulbs. After a few minutes indoors, I started feeling bored, and my mind wandered off (Zadeh, Shepley, Williams & Sung Eun Chung, 2014). It has been months since I last went home. I felt sad and depressed. Suddenly, I started wishing that I could go to my bed for a quick nap. I visualized my room and imagined how it would look if I moved the bed to the other corner. Within a few minutes, my eyes could no longer stand it; I started dozing off (Zadeh, Shepley, Williams & Sung Eun Chung, 2014). I felt exhausted; as if I had gone for a long run.

After a few hours of struggling with sleep and exhaustion, it was time to go home. As I left the indoors, the light on the outside made me feel energetic once again (Sleegers et. al., 2013). Only a few minutes ago, I wished to sleep on my bed, but as I walked further new ideas came to mind. I decided to visit the shopping mall and check out the new arrivals. I suddenly had a burst of energy, and sleep was the last thing on my mind. I felt excited all over again.

As I finished my shopping, it was getting dark on the outside. I took the bus and soon I was home. The fluorescent bulbs provided light in my room. I felt safe being in my small space where I could finally relax. I was exhausted, but not feeling miserable as I did during the day. I dimmed the lights and got into bed. Finally, I felt free and relaxed as I went to sleep (Zadeh, Shepley, Williams & Sung Eun Chung, 2014).


Sleegers, P., Moolenaar, N., Galetzka, M., Pruyn, A., Sarroukh, B., & van der Zande, B. (2013). Lighting affects students concentration positively: Findings from three Dutch studies.Lighting Research & Technology, 45(2), 159-175. doi:10.1177/1477153512446099

Zadeh, R. S., Shepley, M. M., Williams, G., & Sung Eun Chung, S. (2014). The Impact of Windows and Daylight on Acute-Care Nurses' Physiological, Psychological, and Behavioral Health.Health Environments Research & Design Journal (HERD) (Vendome Group LLC), 7(4), 35-61.

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