Facing Language Barrier Challenges: My Journey as an International Student - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-11-18

My name is ABC; I go by T. I am from Vietnam; I moved to the United States 3 years ago, where I faced language barrier challenges because English is not widely used in my country. I can understand the lessons but am slower than my classmates. Therefore, I take a lot of time to translate words and understand the books' knowledge because I am not fluent in English communication as well. I am worried because I seem to be behind everyone in the class.

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Besides, my studies have helped me improve my English skills, and I am trying to overcome the language barrier. God led me to learn more about a Nursing career when I was a volunteer in hospital. I love Nursing jobs day by day; I love to see patients' smiles and satisfaction, even small things that I did. I long to become a nurse, but I am not sure exactly what specialty to go for. I am interested in pediatrics, but clinical hours will hopefully help me see if that is also a good one for me. I genuinely care about people, and I would like to help people when they are in need the most. I plan to attain an Associate Degree in Nursing at HCC and then transfer to USF.

I have attended many online classes before, and I enjoyed them because it is very convenient. I manage my time throughout the week to ensure that I can get everything done. If you know what to expect and when assignments are due, it is pretty easy to manage your time. I have some concerns about online learning is the clinical hours. To me, nursing students need hands-on clinical skills to be able to take good care of patients.

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Introduction to Mental Health and Illness

Non-medical personnel are not aware of the psychosocial torture that nurses go through while handling mental illness patients. Therefore, this presentation highlights the importance of studying Psychosocial and mental illness for the easy handling of patients. Nurses are encouraged to acquire knowledge and skills in therapeutic communications, including how to carry out examinations on patients' mental status. Through this information, non-medical personnel can learn how to take care of patients with mental illness at the family level to ensure that there is peaceful coexistence without discrimination.

Stigmatization from members of the public or family members is one of the major barriers that hinder the treatment of mentally ill persons. As a result, these patients face discrimination and isolation, which tends to violate some of their rights and freedom. On the same note, clinicians acquire more information from the Diagnostic Statistic Manual (DSM) before carrying out medical diagnosis. From the presentation, members of the public should learn how to embrace the mentally challenged people for them to avoid negative effects on the individual and family.

Several factors contribute to mental illness in society, such as hormonal influence, biological influence, family influence, and inherited factors, among others. Therefore, nurses should possess problem-solving attributes, be creative, and have the capacity to deal with conflicting emotions to take care of mentally ill patients. Data from this presentation tends to teach society about the existence of mental diseases and how to embrace the victims without discrimination.

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