The Benefits and Challenges of Studying Abroad: Essay Sample

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International students have over the years gotten to be a critical source of financial commitments toward the foreign host countries and the entire educational institutions. The thought of considering overseas learning can appear like a marvelous chance or opportunity for adversity. There are equally many incidences of potential downsides on the viable, budgetary, and psychological well-being of international students as there are different benefits (NASFA-Association of International Educators, 2015). Examining the growing trends of studying overseas may be one of the foremost useful encounters for a college student, but certainly living away from their domestic nation can yield and an equal share of challenges and become troublesome at times. However, encountering other countries can be fulfilling and life-improving, as well as regularly having viable benefits, yet like most things, there are pros and cons of studying abroad.

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The Benefits of Studying Abroad

The benefits attributed to study abroad show the advantages gained both by the host nations, and the international students contributed by the presenting opportunities, chances, and adversity. These benefits include exploration of a new culture, improved learning technologies, second language acquisition, career development, inter-person networking, and discovering new interests, among others (NASFA-Association of International Educators, 2015). These benefits have their individualized ways of improving the life of international learners or the host institutions as well as other interrelated institutions offering services to overseas students. The most significant reason one needs to consider overseas learning programs is an opportunity to see and explore the world. Studying abroad, an international student encounters a brand-new nation with incredible modern viewpoints, traditions, and socio-cultural practices (Alghamdi & Otte, 2016). The benefits of pursuing further learning overseas incorporate the opportunity to see contemporary landscapes, exciting natural wonders, galleries, and points of interest in the host country. Another reason one might put into consideration about studying abroad is the chance to encounter diverse styles of instruction in the multinational institutions of education. Numerous students who think about learning outside their domestic country's boundaries abroad are leaving home for the first time, making the experience worthwhile. When they arrive in their host nation, they are intrigued by the unmistakable social viewpoints like unimaginable unused nourishments, traditions, conventions, and social atmospheres.

The chances of considering overseas learning opportunities draw the international students towards multilingual new and inaccessible vernacular as well as advertising a unique point of view on diverse cultures, language, skills, excellent learning opportunities, and readiness to learn. Unnecessary to say, all of these are exceptional benefits that are alluring international students to some of the enormous benefits of studying overseas like the opportunity to meet new friends from different foundations. Learners who further their education abroad ended up discovering their interests and enthusiasm. Being in a new country can be overpowering at times, and it tests your capacity to adjust to different circumstances, whereas being able to illuminate various things.

Challenges of Studying Abroad

Studying overseas can mean increased educational costs and the cost of daily living. Students may find themselves trying to overcome language and cultural barriers. The chances of feeling lonely when living away from companions and family as well, the psychological and emotional pressures are high for international students while studying abroad. International learners may experience language issues as they alter to talk a diverse language from their native language. Learning new languages in a multilingual society can be harder than anticipated, particularly in the event that you would like to study an educational course that is conducted in the host countries' language (Alghamdi & Otte, 2016).

Encounters of culture shock make international students discover exceptionally distinctive livelihood when living in the host nation than what they have seen from an unpractical investigation of global societies. For instance, the social and psychological contrasts in how individuals relate to and carry on with each other may present potential challenges when studying abroad. Making and creating companionships in host nations may take time, and it can be more troublesome because of social obstructions (NASFA-Association of International Educators 2015). Hence, international students feel alone and without any of the social and enthusiastic support from relatives and old companions. Furthermore, there are likely to be increased costs included with studying overseas - both with the cost of education and the cost of living. The related financial pressures can undermine the overall delight of an encounter of an international student exploring new heights away from home.


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