Article Analysis Essay on "Social and Emotional Development in Children"

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Date:  2022-12-07


The article "Social and Emotional Development in Children" represents the essentiality of the school as a setting that will ensure the emotional and social development of children. Generally, the article is based on the various stages of social and emotional growth of a child. It showcases the significance of monitoring the social-emotional growth of children along with their physical growth. Also, physical, social and emotional development are all critical towards ensuring all-round development of a large (Bhattacharjee). It is presented that physical growth is extensively dependent on the child's physical and genetics and there is not much that a parent can do to control. However, the social and emotional elements of children can be molded at a vast scope in the early stages.

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Social development is based on the mode in which children interact with the people that surround them. It infers the extent to which a child develops and nurtures friendships, relationship and also their conflict - handling skills. The social setting in which a child grows is a crucial determinant on their behavior as they are influenced by the context surrounding them (Black, Maureen M., et al 77). It is a vital aspect of the child's development process as it will shape how they behave in their adulthood.

On the other hand, emotional development refers to the procedure of learning how to identify emotions, understanding why they happen and learning how to manage them. It is essential for children as it will assist the children in learning on managing their scope of emotions. During the child's development process the situations presented at each level vary, and it is essential that they learn how to cope with the various emotional contexts.

The article presents the factors that influence social and emotional development of children in their early childhood. Some of the significant elements introduced include hereditary factors, societal influences, health religion, culture, and media influence. All the aspects as mentioned above highly contribute to the social and emotional development of children. The article gives a great presentation on how social and emotional development should be nurtured in children.

Furthermore, the article depicts how to enhance social and emotional techniques in children. It is showcased that every child is unique and there is a possibility that each one of them has a distinct timeline for meeting the various social and emotional indicators. Some of the skills presented are directing them in the manner of turning difficulties into opportunities for learning and creating an opportunity for children to interact with other children in distinct settings. It is recommended that social and emotional development should be incorporated depending on the age and level of development of a specific child. Importantly, the article elaborates on the significance of school to children from the age of 7-12 years. It is articulated that this is the age where children spend a more significant portion of their day in school. Therefore, it is the school setting that will contribute to their socio-emotional development. It is at this stage that children learn new concepts and are likely to experience emotional outbursts regularly due to the adolescent stage. The article elaborates on the approaches that can be incorporated at this stage and they include; molding them to adhere to the rules and melding them to integrate with the other children of the same age group.

Critique of the Article

The topic of the article is A guide on Social and Emotional Development in Children. The report seeks to provide some of the methods of ensuring efficient social and emotional growth in children. It aims at delivering insightful information on how to ensure development at each level in childhood. Instances of information development include definitions of terminologies social and emotional development. This definition is crucial to ensure that a person understands the significance of providing socioemotional growth in children. It is based on socioemotional growth as it contrasts that physical growth is not as important, as it is based on the genetics and physical attributes of a child. The article does not incorporate the use of expert opinions. However, the conclusions seem valid as they present practical guides on ensuring the socioemotional development of children.

Personal View

Personally, I have gained better insights into the process and cruciality of socioemotional development in early childhood. The article advances understanding and knowledge of child development as it provides the initiatives to be undertaking in ensuring successful socioemotional development. The school setting is vital in the socioemotional development of children as it equips them with new skillsets that shape their typical behavior (Chin-Lun Hung, Galen, et al. 1889). It provides children with the ability to develop positive interactions and develop healthy relationships with both fellow age-mates and the people around them. Moreover, the school setting is essential in helping children between the age of 7-12 years as it helps them to gain excellent communication skills through their interactions with others. Their self-esteem is enhanced as they feel appreciated by a larger environment.


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