Paper Sample on Growing Up: A Child's Evolving Perception of Parents

Paper Type:  Literature review
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Date:  2023-10-23


It would be crucial to note the main factors that change a child's perception of the world, especially those related to their parents. In those two stories that have been mentioned, Everyday Use and Two Kids, children's understanding of the world changes when those two characters mature. Individuals or readers can identify how Dee's view of the world changed after attending some studies far from her place and even getting married (Walker, 200). In the context of the second story, it would be essential to note how the idea of a changed child's perception is presented in the text. Jing-Mei's story or her understanding of the world changed when she was matured and learned that her mother would still want her to play the piano even after she failed in the competition.

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Points of Argument


Maturity is the primary determinant factor that changes the main character's perception of the world. Dee changed her perception of the world at the time when she was in the right age of marriage, and Jing-Mei, too, learned a new understanding of the world after a long time of many attempts to become a better person with her mother.

Dee's perception of names changed after she learned it. She was matured enough to learn about those who oppressed them and decided to do away with their name, which is a sign of changed perception of the world that came with maturity.

It would be crucial to note the time that Dee changed her knowledge of the world. How would the audience notice this, they would consider something like age. Dee made these changes at the time when she was at the right period of getting married.

Dee's perception of the world changed, too, when she learned about those quilts. It would be essential to note that Dee's attitude of keeping those quilts changed when she was mature, and she could not have done it when she was younger.

The concept of a changed understanding of the world in Children is evident in Two Kids short story when the time comes a time that Jing-Mei neglects to play the piano and fails to play the piano. It happened after a long way they made attempts, and it indicates a period of maturity.

Personal Decision

The decision made by those two characters is another supportive reason that demonstrates how a child's perception of the world change when he/she matures. Dee, in the "Everyday Use," decided on her own that she would change or would be named after an African name and not after the name of their oppressors. Why would she do that because it is a sign of maturity and a personal decision?

Jing-Mei also showed an aspect of what an individual may call personal decision when she decided that she was not going to follow her mother's directives. It is an exciting part that demonstrates an aspect of personal choice as a sign of maturity and a way of changing the world perception.


A child's perception of the world invariably changes when they mature. It is evident in both stories that have been shared in the text: "Two Kids" and "Everyday Use." Dee decides to change her name when she was ready to get married, which is a clear indication of maturity. Jing-mei learned and decided that she would not follow her mother, something that shows an element of the personal decision she resorted to taking. All these points that were demonstrated by two main characters show how a child's perception of the world changes.


Walker, A. (2004). Everyday use. Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic.

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