Essay Sample on Virtual and Online Learning

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Date:  2022-10-16


With the advancements in technology and an increase in the number of students, online learning is crucial in supplementing classroom instructions. Through online-based learning, the district will ensure that remedial classes, dual enrolment, summer school programs, and credit recovery services are made available to students. The system will support learning and teaching of students by infusing classroom activities with digital tools, like a hand held devices and computers which ensure that students get learning materials, experiences, and support on a 24-hour basis (Chatterji and Jones, 2015). This will increase student engagement in the district, accelerate learning and offer some form of motivation to students since they are dependent on technology for their daily activities. Teachers will also be in a position to be linked with resources and professional content that will be crucial in learning new trends in the education sector. An online based platform will also make it easier to assess students online through assessment tests, responses, and discussions which can be evaluated easily.

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Project Based-Learning

This type of learning mainly focuses on the connection between learning and real-life situations. This innovation will enable students to share and learn from one another using digital tools. Students can easily view or download online resources used by other students to ensure that they learn at a faster pace (Nickerson and Zodhiates, 2013). Lessons can also be recorded on the websites where students can easily go back and listen to lectures. This type of advancement in technology will benefit K-12.

Utilizing Games as Learning Tools

Most children spend most of their time playing games online or offline. Therefore, using digital media and games to simplify concepts in the curriculum using technology is a milestone in the academic field (Chatterji and Jones, 2015). The objective of this model will be to exploit technology in supporting students in solving problems, thinking critically and providing immediate feedback on their achievements.

Recommendation for K-12 Assessment

Virtual learning will be suitable for K-12 assessment. This is because it covers all aspects of learning that range from admission, learning, and continuous student assessment. The district can implement online learning platforms in future to ensure that all students have access to the resources offered by schools within the district. This system will also make it easier for teachers to distribute materials and notes to students.

A Rationale for My Response

I believe that most students are nowadays connected digitally with the increased technology. Therefore, coming up with innovative ways to ensure that students learn with ease is crucial. That is why online learning stands out because it ensures that even students who prefer to study at home get the chance to do so. The new technology also eases the congestion in most schools and makes it easier for students and teachers to distribute their learning resources.

Strategic Plan For Training Teacher

First and foremost, I will ensure that all the teachers are on the same page with regards to the model of the strategy (Billingham, 2017). This will be achieved by showing teachers how online based learning is supposed to operate and their role in the entire process. Secondly, I will engage the teachers early so that they can gain insight into the preferred changes expected from online-based learning. Additionally, I will ensure that schools are involved in the initial planning process to ensure that the plan has a high chance of success (Bates et al., 2011). Thirdly, I will ensure that all the leaders in education are incorporated within the strategy to provide that I have their support and attention.


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