Applying for Master in Social Work Paper Example

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Date:  2022-10-06

In attending Azusa Pacific University, for a Master in Social Work, I do not only want to attain knowledge and skills in social work but also learn on other aspects at the university. One of the main reasons for choosing Azusa Pacific University is the emphasis on Christian values as part of molding a student to a better citizen. I am a person who embraces culture and diversity. So, having faith integration in scholarship and service will not affect my view of the university nor deter my zeal to join and excel as a social worker. In addition, the course I intend to take is more on humanity and enhancing the dignity of individuals, groups, and communities. Christian and other religious perspectives incorporate these ideologies in their teachings. Therefore, I expect to master the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes that will facilitate my stay at the university and my role as a social worker in the future.

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One of the social problems facing society today is the immigrants and refugees crisis. The problem has become rampant as everyday people move from their homes mostly because of war, the threat of persecution due to their religious affiliations. In addition, people migrate in search of better economic opportunities. The widespread poverty in many nations leads people to migrate to developed nations for employment. However, these countries have become very stringent in their rules of admitting foreigners. Immigrants are either deported or live in host countries in hiding under very poor standards of living. For refugees, most of the families migrate to nations like America in search of better future and safety. In most cases, they suffer from psychological and emotional trauma due to the experiences in their countries. In addition, they live in abject poverty.

To solve the problem of immigration, countries should enhance better governance and the creation and utilization of resources. This will facilitate an increase in job opportunity whether formal or informal. Hence, citizens will have a source of income and will not need to shift to other countries. Warring nations should maintain peace. The United Nations should mediate and achieve stability in some countries of the Middle East and Africa to reduce the problem of refugees. In addition, if all people lived in harmony according to religious teachings, they will be tolerant of each other.


Sometimes as I was working as a volunteer, I faced an ethical dilemma between enhancing the welfare of a client and following the rules of the company. I worked for an organization that offers food supply to the needy. The rules were that food distribution was only supposed to happen in the morning. A client came later in the afternoon for their potion but I informed her that she should come the following day. She said that she was attending to her sick son and apologized for being late. She also informed me that they had no food for the day yet the ailing child was on treatment. In evaluating the case, I was torn between following the company policy and responding to the need of the client. Hence, I presented the case to my supervisor and advocated on behalf of the client for an exemption. Luckily I was allowed to give food to the client and in higher potion than normal because of the nature of her need. Hence, following the company rules without regarding client`s need would have led to unethical issues. In addition, serving the client without approval would also have been a problem.

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