Essay Sample on Internship at Walmart: Insight to Management and Payroll

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During summers, I was a privilege to be part and parcel of the Walmart store as an intern. My file of studies was management, and purposefully I was recruited to take my practice in the management sector. I understood a brief history of Walmart's establishment to its existence. Walmart management is the one thing that is so crucial to the establishment of continuous growth. The attachment intern comes to mind when it comes to the payroll of the establishment. The governances report and the social environment with the territories of the United States need to have a higher average salary of within-country employees. The main goal of the Walmart being strategy to get to the extent of managing the experience and the associate number of employees at establishment.

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The Walmart is the American multinational corporation retail operates under the grocery stores, discount department stores, chain of hypermarkets cooperation, and the full purchases power to Walmart being on the rise. Like any other business in the market, Walmart needs to have the dynamic scanning of the environment to necessitate the identification of threats and address them. Furthermore, the identification of opportunities and grabbing them is so much necessary. Walmart to date is a different establishment unlocking it is potential daily considering the scan on the market. The possibilities are caught, and threats are addressed. Management is one of the main disciplines of any organization. I appreciated management as a necessity for a growing organization considering Walmart's growth.

Business Skills Learned Associated With Walmart

Walmart is an established incorporation that has been growing for full favor of the consumers. The business established has been having a skill of scanning the environment. The swot analysis belonging to Walmart has helped in the management of the establishment to develop the need to have the organization grow (Johnson et al., 2016). Like any tested hypothesis, Walmart employed the advantage of the efficient market hypothesis to hedge the threat of new entrants to the market and the stiff competition.

Walmart’s Strength And Internet Factors Strategy

The branding and recognition associated with Walmart enterprise. Millions of customers being the target of Walmart and visit Walmart every day. They are being the most recognized brand of the retail brand in the world and over 60million items available at the Walmart online stores being the diversification emphasis of the market.
Global expansion is the strength that Walmart has utilized. The universal market target is necessary for the market sector. Walmart's comprehensive market and unique identification to get to the consumers have been an added advantage to the business (Nie et al., 2019). Besides, it has created a joint venture with Indians' biggest retail store in the global expansion, proven to be a great success for company establishment.

Every Day Lower Prices’ Strategy

Furthermore, it was in my realization that Walmart has an everyday lower price strategy strengthening its market. Walmart, in my studies, came to my understanding that the economy of scale being the main agenda reason why it can offer low prices. Universal Walmart is one of the cheapest shopping places favoring consumers' wants.

Supply Chain And Global Logistics Management Operations

The global logistic system and supply chain operation is one of the important strategies for any business to grow drastically in the universal order (Redler, 2018). The logistic systems being the core Walmart competencies to its growth. The use of technological information in the performance of the dairy product in the stores of each country. It is the management emphasis that needs to be associated with the growing establishment.

Human Resources Management Effectiveness

The human management resources being the need for management full consideration of protection of the business growth. In the Walmart establishments, employees are the main keep assets for Walmart's growth (Thomson, 2010). The hugely invested time and money are increasing in managing its employee’s growth. Any management needs to take keen consideration of the human resources sector for the full involvement of the organization.

Resources Effective Managements

Effective management of resources plays a key role in any management sector of the organization. The Walmart efficiently under the management sector critical managed the resources inclusivity of the information system, skills specialization of employees, knowledge, the facilities distribution, and the supply chain network. For every dynamic and ultimate goal of profit increasing and growing in the diversification of fulfilling human wants, managers need to take keen consideration of the effective management of resources.

Strong Marker Power On Suppliers And Competitors

The strong market power on the suppliers and the competitors having large organization and the global reach I came to understand that Walmart with proper and active management is capable enough to exercise the power of the market, and the suppliers and competitors are hedging skills (Johnson et al., 2016). With appropriate management, the establishment gets the market power.

Managerial Changes Considerations

The changes in skills are crucial to the organization. The managerial system a time takes the consideration of employing changes in the establishments. The model of making the changes need to be done on the managerial managements to hedge the challenges of the employees turning over and the employees having the nature to resist changes. However, with the involvement of employee’s opinion in changes organization is in need to ensure that the organization makes changes in the favors of the primary goal of the organization hence necessary for the improvements.

Specialization And Team Building

The specialization of the employees to make perfection and more concentration to the area of skillful needs. Managers should employ employees, give each one responsibility of keen specialization and diversification to other areas of opportunity identification (Redler, 2018). Furthermore, It is necessary to have an elaborative clear knowledge of the business improvements. Team-building and cohesiveness in the employees of an establishment are paramount to its growth just as what Walmart dose.

The Negativity, Understanding, And Weakness Identification

The employee’s treatment and working conditions of Walmart need to be improved. The management is being criticized and lawsuits for several times regarding the health workforces. The low wages to the employees, poor working conditions, and inadequate health care need to be addressed for effective and smooth management of the organization.

A Vast Span Of Control

The large span of control is highly massive and big size to be controlled. Walmart has a weakness in some areas, and some issues left unaddressed. The period of the response being long and taking long answers is a drag to the establishment, with the focus on the cost leadership associated with Walmart, resulting in a thin profit margin.

Gender Discrimination

It was in my realization that Walmart has gender discrimination rotten to the core. A lawsuit filed against Walmart in 2007 on the alleged gender violation and inequality. It is evident statistically that the female is discriminated against on the employment and promotion scale of the organization. The gender descriptions have to have the same.


The Walmart business model is easily copied. The uniqueness of the organization is not original in its way. The company doesn’t have its specification on edge competitive over its rivals on except on its huge business size. The company needs to have its uniqueness in the operation of the business.

Threats to Walmart

As a manager, its came to my realization the management has to have risks. in consideration of the peaceful understating of the swot analysis threats being the most significant thing in the knowledge of the same (Redler, 2018), there has to ba acritical s analysis of the same to the considerations

Fake Craft Beer Controversy

Walmart has been having a challenge in the review of fake beare. The company was sued for selling fake craft beer. The suppliers of Walmart need to meet the regulation of their brand, the beer label, and the market as trouble brewery (Redler, 2018). Which is an anon existing company? It has been a challenge to the Walmart stores to carry the crock of gosh suppliers of the beer.


Being in the management sector of the Walmart full store, I appreciate management in full consideration as a discipline dependent by the establishment. The management has various branches and levels. It is necessary to have close and strategical responsibilities of the administration. I learn a lot about the positive and the negative portions of the control of Walmart. Walmart management has a diversification of growth and the specialization of skilled employees. Human resource management and the understanding of skillful knowledge.

Nonetheless, the negativity of gender discrimination and imitation is a challenge to the organization. Further, I have a recommendation for the need to improve the human resources standards and management of the Walmart store. The advance improvement of the global chain of supply. Upgrading online e-commerce sites is necessary for Walmart for the target of the young generation and dynamic technology world.


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