Application Letter for Graduate Program

Paper Type:  Application letter
Pages:  2
Wordcount:  523 Words
Date:  2022-05-16

The beginning of my passionate interest in nursing, an interest that has gradually progressed into an aspiration is motivated by the experience I have already attained in my nursing profession. During my two years working as a registered nurse I feel I stand a better chance of joining the Athabasca University to further my studies. A good nurse should always be ready to care for her patients. Caring is not just giving injections and medications but also engaging patients in talks about their conditions to help patients deal with their medical condition. Creating a cordial relationship with the patients allows them to share their problems hence giving the nurse an opportunity to engage in talks that helps the patients get over their medical conditions.

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The primary reason I am applying to this graduate center is to further my studies in the process of sharpening my skills to become a better professional. I am a registered nurse with two years of working experience in medical units. There are various medical units in the hospitals with many patients some who feel sicker than they came to hospital. Such patients need care, they need to be cancelled. They need to be told jokes that will brighten their day. Driving a way fear, worry and loneliness helps a good percentage of the patients to attain quick recovery and this is an important aspect of being a nurse. A master's degree will increase my professionalism and help me sharpen my knowledge and skills.

My career goals are to use my position to influence other nurses on the pure skill of making a patient's life better alongside medication. I feel that all nurses should engage in talking to their patients and encouraging them. This will lessen the burden of the few nurses who engage in this practice and slowly this will reduce the number of patients admitted in hospitals when ideally what is making them sick is the worry and depression they have. Attaining a master's degree will create limelight for me to be more influential and maybe run a better position that will help mobilize my fellow nurses. All I need is a study opportunity at Athabasca University.

Athabasca University has the available resources that I need to better my skills. The university has an online program that offers masters in General Nursing Program. Since I work one week on and one week off, I have sufficient time to catch up with my studies. However, this will not interfere with the cordial relationship I have with my patients. I will always offer them the best care each time I am in the medical units. Consequently, I will try my best to maximize my off days in attaining more knowledge in the learning program to become efficient. I have enough time to attend my classes and handle my patients since at the moment I have no family and no children to attend to so I will be available for my studies and patients. During my two working years, I have managed to save enough for this program. I have all certainty that financial constraint will not be a hindrance.

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