Personal Reflection Essay - Cancer the Monster

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Date:  2022-05-12


The year was 2014, January the 1st, the image is etched deep in my mind and the memory solidly burnt in my subconscious. The stage my home, in the living room, she was up, unable to move, to make breakfast, to even touch water; her morning duties neglected. 'My nerves are on fire my child' she said to me. Taking one look at her, I understood then or at least I thought I did, my mother was very ill. What was ailing her, we did not know, had not found out figured it was nerves. A few hours later, two hospitals later nothing but nerves, the complaints were the same. To surmise it all, April was then the real diagnosis came; my mother was ill, seriously sick. Cancer was the disease, the stage three B and very progressive. I did not even fathom then what that it meant but life is unpredictable as I soon came to learn.

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We were standing in the kitchen, mum and I deeply engrossed in thought and conversation when my mother pulls one of the sentences that I never forgot. She says to me 'my child if I die from this, please don't be left mourning so much'. I did not understand then what she meant by that but as time went by I did. Cancer was painful; my mom would not sleep, night after night. It was cervical cancer and strong as she was I saw my mother slowly turning into a former shadow of herself. In her lineage, women were big boned and prided themselves on their strong, formidable genetic make-up. This was not to be for my mother who in all her fifty-two years, I had not seen her falter or lose faith as had in herself.

Week after week, she deteriorated slowly, the monster taking its toll on her painfully ridden body. We began Chemotherapy and the effects were devastating. Mum would not eat; she lost her hair and became so weak that I had to support her with the smallest of duties. Cancer taught me how to be patient and understanding. It changed my perception of how sickness can affect an individual. It made me humane and I realized the value of humanity and what it meant to stare death in the face and fight it.

Cancer taught me the importance of never throwing in the towel as my mother fought through the horrible disease with faith and hope. Despite her weakened frame, her eyes shone through encouraging me that the fight was feasible. We could win, after all, that was the spirit. She sadly lost the battle on October 4th of the same year and my life has never been the same again.

I carry her with me still to date, as the experience motivated me to start giving into organizations set up for research, creating awareness and seeking scientific breakthrough as far as the disease is concerned. Furthermore, the importance of healthy living and eating right has been a campaign that I have indulged in. I now take part in sensitizing the community on the importance of eating right and the importance of screening. Early screening and detection can help prevent the spread of cancer cells and greatly ease the treatment thereof.


Most importantly, I have learned the value of life, loving myself, taking care of for those who around me as life is short indeed. We are here today but tomorrow may be different. It is essential to make mistakes, love, live, falter, and do it all over again.

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