Annotated Bibliography on Depression of College Students

Paper Type:  Annotated bibliography
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Date:  2022-11-06

Beiter, R., Nash, R., McCrady, M., Rhoades, D., Linscomb, M., Clarahan, M., & Sammut, S. (2015). The prevalence and correlates of depression, anxiety, and stress in a sample of college students. Journal of affective disorders, 173, 90-96.

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The article by Beiter and his colleagues explores a written report from Franciscan University Counseling Center which is drafted for the last four years pertaining depression, anxiety and stress using sample of college students. After an extensive research for the last four years, the authors of the research revealed and made it clear that yearly visits of clients in Franciscan University Counselling center has increased by 231%. According to the article, it is clear that the number of clients visiting the hospital environments for counseling are college students. This justifies that stress, depression and anxiety are common issues affecting college students. Furthermore the article reveals the increased rate of depression issue have profoundly affected the performance of the student and other deleterious effects like suicide also come on the way. Concisely, the article answers the research question on whether there is increased rates of depression in colleges and the effects that are associated with it.

Rotenstein, L. S., Ramos, M. A., Torre, M., Segal, J. B., Peluso, M. J., Guille, C., ... & Mata, D. A. (2016). Prevalence of depression, depressive symptoms, and suicidal ideation among medical students: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Jama, 316(21), 2214-2236..

This article deeply explores and examines medical students' issues of depression and suicidal ideation. Claims are made that the suicidal ideation in college student is highly reported and this is caused by depression cases. The authors assessed the research results and they made it clear that 27.2% medical depressive cases are reported while 11.1% medical students cased of suicidal cases were reported. Therefore, the article brings it into limelight that suicidal ideation in college students is influenced by depression. The article then answers the research question pertaining effect of depression in college students. Therefore depression is profoundly affecting college students and the issue should be addressed deeply to reduce its prevalence and the negative results.

Mochrie, K. D., Whited, M. C., Cellucci, T., Freeman, T., & Corson, A. T. (2018). ADHD, depression, and substance abuse risk among beginning college students. Journal of American college health, 1-5

The study by Mochire and other colleagues was significant in exploring the increased drink rate in college students. Mochire supports the argument that there is an increased rate of drinking in colleges and later explores the causes of increased drinking rate in colleges. The author affirms that, drinking is taken as a counterfeit of depression and therefore most college students engage in deep drinking in order to avoid depression. This justifies that depression is commonly affecting college students hence engaging them in drinking in order to avoid the depression cases. Generally, the book gives a clear picture of why most university students are taking drugs especially marijuana and alcohol. This is done to reduce depression. The research book is valid as it answerers the research question in an appropriate manner.

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