My Biggest Concern with the Lottery System - Essay Sample

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Date:  2022-12-09


The lottery system chooses students to the charter schools depending on their luck. Not every student is selected by this system making them remain in the public school systems which are associated with failure and an increase in the drop-out rates. Students who are not lucky to be selected to the charter schools by this system are emotionally affected since they anticipated acquiring quality education. For example, in the film, Bianca and her mother are in deep sorrow since Bianca has not been selected to join the charter schools. This program tends to leave out the potential students who can perform well and be of help to others in society (Ravitch, 2010). Therefore, the difference created between the students in the American public schools and those in the charter schools affects socialization and dissemination of information among these students.

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Arguments for and Against the Charter Schools

The problem which exists in the public schools about the low test scores form the terrible teachers protected by the powerful unions can be solved through educating children in the charter schools. The Charter schools tend to receive funds from the government but are controlled by private organizations. The disadvantage of charter schools is that most of them focus on gaining profits from the services they provide (Ravitch, 2010). Also, getting a chance to study in these schools is by luck since they follow the lottery system that makes few students have an opportunity for learning in them.

Structures to Institute So That to Make the Teachers Be Held Accountable

Yes, accountability is required from the teachers to help in improving the performance of the American public schools. The teacher should be involved in conversations which will help them to highlight the issues they are encountering in the public schools. This will make them know their grievances are listened to hence becoming accountable and improving performance in the public schools (Swalwell & Apple, 2011). Also, the provision of the appropriate resources to the teachers might help in ensuring accountability among them.

Program or Programs Recommended for the Youth in the Video to Boost the Academic Achievement

The youths can conduct discussions among them since they can help each other in solving some academic issues which would affect their performance. Involving teachers in their studies to elaborate on the areas which appear to be challenging would help in the acquisition of knowledge hence boosting their performance. Therefore, these youths will not end up in the criminal justice system due to an increased dropout rate from the schools.


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