Paper Example on Personal Strengths and Challenges and Plan of Action Task Elements

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Date:  2022-05-16


One of the primary competencies of licensed practical nurses is collaborative practice. I feel this will be easy for me to implement because I have always harbored the desire to work as part of a team. I believe that besides achieving tasks at a high rate of efficiency, teamwork helps in building closer bonds and learning off every member. This competency is indeed one of the reasons I look forward to the position of a licensed nurse. I am also a social person who likes to meet and engage new individuals hence I know it will be easy to engage clients and other members of the healthcare team. My leadership skills will also come in handy in the field of self-growth and development to address the emerging problems in healthcare. I like to keep improving myself by reading books and watching YouTube videos on various nursing topics, and I have even been labeled a bookworm by my friends at times. My life experiences have included the presence of siblings at home whom we have had to collaborate on countless occasions. Working with others is already ingrained in me, and hence I will feel right at home.

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My most significant challenge will come from the legal competency of transcribing and verifying orders as well as completing occurrence reports. I like working on challenging matters such as conducting research or discussing vital issues with a group of fellow professionals. I feel like my skills would be better spent on finding solutions to the myriad problems we have in the industry. I also find transcribing and completion of reports to be quite mundane and repetitive, which I thoroughly dislike. I also do not like getting other people into trouble hence I will have a challenge in reporting issues of professional misconduct from my colleagues. If it is nothing significant, I have a propensity of letting slight matters slide. I will have to work on my attitude towards these competencies and start considering them in a new light since I know they are an essential part of the overall efficiency of the practice. I will have to understand the concept of summarizing from this topic to help with some of these reports so that I do not get overwhelmed.


The best way to be ready for tomorrow is by preparing adequately today. I will use this as my motto to use the current time I have, and minimal exposure to the requirements of the practice, to learn as much as possible. I will put my reading hobby and research skills to work by finding relevant literature on graduate-level nursing. I believe that books and other sources give critical exposure on aspects and help to reinforce points that we think we already know. I will attempt to attend several seminars by nursing professionals to get the perspective of experienced industry insiders. This approach will allow me to understand the contemporary issues that I am likely to encounter once I graduate and get into the job environment. I will deal with the problem of transcribing and completing reports by learning their importance first. I will then visit the internet to find information sources on how to prepare these documents. The next step will involve taking practical examples to test my understanding and get ready for the real experience. The challenge of failure to report colleagues calls for a change of attitude. I must realize that I am venturing into a professional environment where people's lives are at stake. I will watch and read on cases of unethical nursing practices to help in changing this mindset.

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