5yo's Provocative Behavior Challenges Teacher - Research Paper

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Date:  2023-04-21


At the center of focus is a 5-year old pre-school going girl. She seeks attention from the teacher in a manner that is provocative and demands to elicit a response when being redirected toward positive behaviors. She makes statements of observations to peers that provoke disagreements, such as "why does your skin turn colors when you laugh but mines does not or why do you wear suntan lotion at recess, but I don't." She also engages in acts that challenge and defy the teacher. When asked to clean up after play, the child asks the educator "why do you pick the quiet kids to be your helper". Overall, she establishes an environment that is exhausting in nature as the teacher reports. The child engages in noncompliance issues that tax the classroom environment. Recently, she has been increased her behavioral incidents by urinating on herself in the classroom and threatening to defecate, by saying "I have to poop in my pants." She has taken off her shirt as a strike to refuse to cleanup toys. The parents have been notified to intervene and have met with the staff on a regular basis to assist in de-scalation techniques. Recently, she has moved and changed schools, and the behavior has persisted.

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Applied Solution

The applied solution in this case will be to deal with the manners of the child at hand by dealing according to the rules of the school concerning kids who go against the school rules. The students should be given punishment to deal with her lack of behavior through discipline. Through doing so the kids get to appreciate the need to exercise decorum and be at their best behavior whenever they are in a school setting. Examples of punishment that they should be given include telling them to clean the entire classroom after defecating in the room. That will include cleaning the class by themselves without being helped by their classmates. She could also be added another punishment to increase the intensity of the punishment and ensure she atones for her mistakes. Addition of punishment could include adding the place she is supposed to clean so that she feels the weight of her misconduct.

Another form of the applied solution includes asking the kid to do a formal apology to the whole class and the whole school by extension. The formal apology to the school and the entire class will serve as a humiliation enough for her to see how grave her misconduct. She should be made to apologize to the directly and say why her behavior is unacceptable because that is the only way to she will be able to learn from her mistakes and never repeat them again. The formal apology serves to show the teachers and her peers that she is sorry for the acts she did and that she will not repeat them again. Public remorse is a hard feeling to erase and it will remain with her completely for the greater part of her life. Anytime she thinks of misbehaving again she will remember the previous ordeal and never attempt again the misconduct.

The applied solutions stated above are only for short term retribution and not for the final and permanent change of behavior of the kid. The cases mentioned above are that of a kid who has been nurtured that way and that she feels that respect is not a thing that you accord anyone. It is a trait that may be was cultivated and nurtured while at a tender age and hence the difficulty in changing for the better. The reason behind this is that the kid went to another school and repeated the same misconducts she had showcased in her previous schools. She continued with her disrespect to the teachers and her classmates and schoolmates. She also threatened to go on with her behavior in the new environment and even threatened the new classmates. The behavior clearly points out that it is something that she is used to does not feel any shame pulling the same cards anywhere.

The behavior has to be dealt with from another dimension if the kid is to return to normal and regain her respect for her teachers and friends. In dealing with the case we try to look at the background of the kid and what might have happened for her to be that way. It all begins from the childhood and upbringing the kid had while still at tender age. She was brought up probably in an environment where respect was not as paramount as in the modern outside world. Possibly she was encouraged and could get away with almost everything that she wanted without anyone raising a finger on her because maybe they used to say she is just as kid. The kid could thus get away with so much and no one would question why she is behaving the way she is. Problems as such are so hard to correct having in mind that by the time the kid is school going age, there is small they can do to change her.

Another influence could be because of doting parents who feel that their children should not be punished for the mistakes they do because they are kids and they do not deserve punishment. Such kids grow up with the mentality that they are indomitable and that anyone trying to correct them in whatsoever of the ways is an enemy and should be treated as such. The result of this is that the kids lack respect for the said authority figures who are tasked with the work of molding them to be responsible adults in future. The doting parents go ahead to defend this kids of theirs when an issue about their discipline levels arise and hence there is very little that the teachers can do. The parents even end up getting these kids to other schools simply because the kids could not cope with the tough discipline measures put in place by the school administration.

Another case that causes some the kids to turn up that way is because of the environment they grew up in. Environment is one great player in the character shaping process especially in kids. It plays an integral part as far as the development and discipline of a kid is concerned. For instance kids brought up in an environment where the parents and everyone around them establishes good rapport towards each other are more likely to turn be respectful people in future. The kids tend to emulate these positive characters from the people in their environment. The reverse is true for kids that grow up in environments where people have no respect for each other instead abuse each other at the smallest opportunity they get to do so. The child will grow up knowing that there is nothing wrong with that behavior and that it is perfectly fine. Those types of kids become so hard to correct in future where they get environments where they are supposed to work with compassion and respect for one another.

The solutions to these cases are long term project that should be enacted if the kids are to be delivered from the vices they acquired while still young. The solutions include coming up with correctional centers for the damaged kids. The kids whose parents and guardians feel that are damaged beyond repair should sign up for these facilities and utilize them to the fullest. The parents should ensure they take their kids into these places before it is too late. While in these facilities the kids should be taught how to relate with others and basic etiquette essential for the peaceful existence of people with one another. After passing through the facilities the kids should be tried and tested to ensure they emerge the best in terms of behavior and social interactions.

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