5 Ways to Meet the Needs of Students & Their Families - Essay Sample

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Date:  2023-02-24


Notably, there are various ways in which people relate and perform their functions. The needs of people get met in different ways. It is essential, therefore, to understand how the issues of students. And those of their families addressed so that they do not have any problem while studying. There is a variety of ways in which the demands of the students can get resolved. And all of them are for the best interest of the individuals. The teaching of students can get termed as a hard job, but it is the best way to ensure that they have a future. Both parents and teachers, therefore, have a massive role in ensuring that they have complete control of how the children can study without any problems.

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First, teachers must ensure that students can efficiently work with others. And this is made possible by advocating that all students are equal and therefore, they are not any different (Wiliam, 2016). Thus, building their confidence and ensuring that they easily collaborate with the other students. It is imperative to work together as it leads to huge gains which can not get easily met. Working together is vital as it helps a student understand something better. It also eases settling in a new environment both for the student and the family as they relate with different families and find out they are prevalent.

Secondly, ensure that a student can develop consistency in their school work. And this is vital in that they will be able to track their schoolwork and understand if they are becoming better or worse. Every student needs to stay focused on whatever they do for the best of the community (Soule & Warrick, 2015). Most of the students sometimes lose focus on their studies, and this dramatically affects their family members whose sole hope rests on the students. Therefore it is crucial even to tell their families to follow up with the progress of the student educational wise so that they can advise them accordingly in various issues. A student does need not only the help of the teachers. They also those of other people, such as their family members.

Thirdly, developing the mindset of the student to be focused on education and not so much concerned on the livelihood of the family (Lumpkin, 2016). However, this may prove to be hard as it poses enormous challenges as the students every day are going to their homesteads and viewing the same problems each day. However, this can get achieved if only the parents are educated not to show or tell their children so many negative things. Students need to stay focused on whatever they are doing to gain education better.

Fourthly, drawing other individuals expertise and using it to your advantage. Consequently, this is made possible by understanding all their problems and therefore developing a solution to their problems (Solmon, 2018). A lot of people mostly have significant difficulty dealing with their family issues, and consequently, they should be helped to handle their problems. Talking to their family members is essential as it will help understand the students and therefore have the right way of helping them. Thus their families having peace of mind as their scholar is good in school and hopeful they will perform well.

Besides, using different forms to assess both their progress in school and other activities to understand if they are developing in the right way is essential. A lot of students rarely talk when they are going through a lot of issues, but it easy to find out by looking at their results. Psychologists have proven that people have a massive tendency to performing well when they get contented with whatever they do (Finnan, 2018). It is therefore essential for all the teachers to take significant consideration into the well being of their students as it is directly proportional to that of their family members.

Lastly, advocating for families to partner in various activities creates a harmonious society which is easy for students to study and past. When different families, they can share ideas and understand each other better, therefore live in peace and make friends. And this will, in turn, make it easy for the students to learn and understand most of the things that get taught in class (Kayi-Aydar, 2015). Understanding each other cultural beliefs is essential as it makes it easy to study different topics, especially those concerning history. Therefore, it is vital to note that different people need to work together for their benefit and that of students.


All in all, it is essential to note that education is vital for everybody, especially in developing countries where there are few literates. The family also plays a massive role in the knowledge of any given individual as it is quite precious. Therefore those who wish to study should be motivated, and all measure was undertaken to ensure they pass. Finally, most students undergo a lot of problems while they are in school; therefore, policies must be conducted to ensure they easy study and grasp the contents they learn. Education has become an integral part of society lately.


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