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Kinesthetic learning approach involves interacting with real objects during the learning process. Some of the audiovisuals that support learning include pictures, drawings, and real objects. Kinesthetic strategies involve the use of fives common senses, trial and error methods, handling cases, using real examples and engaging in practical exercise. A kinesthetic strategy makes learning realistic because it involves visible objects. The content learns using Kinesthetic-learning strategies is not forgettable. When using kinesthetic learning strategies, the learner encounters real problems and tries to provide the solutions. The strategy involves field visits and collecting plants, shells, and rock for the purpose of study (Yang et al., 2013). Lecturers using Kinesthetic-learning strategies use real objects as examples. In class, instructors use samples, exhibits, and photographs to reinforce the points they give to the students. In such situations, it is hard for the students to forget the content they learn. The Kinesthetic strategies involve the use of questions from the past papers to teach students and to provide solutions to the commonly asked questions.

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In some cases, kinesthetic strategies involve experiments in the laboratory. The instructors use numerous examples to reinforce the content of the subject. For example, it is common to hear the lecturer say do you recall the field trip or the experiment? The nature of questions that the instructor uses determines how much content the learners will retain. Essentially, the principles of Kinesthetic are that learning is reasonable when it involves the five senses (Riding, & Rayner, 2013). A good example is the study of colors. There is a variety of colors, and thus learners need to distinguish one color from the many. It is the rule of Kinesthetic that the instructors present different types of color in class when handling a topic about colors. The trial and error method involved in the Kinesthetic allows the student try different methods of solving problems until they find one best method.


The essence of learning is to retain content. Notably, when five senses are involved in the learning process, content retention is high. For example, in a practical exercise learning takes place well because one can see, touch, taste, and smell (Riding, & Rayner, 2013). The learner cannot quickly forget the content learned in practical exercise because of the direct involvement in the task. Using examples in class to illustrate a point is helpful because it makes content easy to understand. However, practical exercise is better than the use of models. Using examples is understandable, but learners can forget with ease because they resemble the notes. The use of examples in a classroom lesson requires the learners to revisit then notes and refer to the examples. In this case, a practical lesson is better that the use of examples.

Trial and error method helps the learner to discover a personal way of solving a problem. In this case, the learner tries a variety of methods of solving problems and identifies that which is suitable to his needs. The trial and error method cannot compare with that if using examples because the learning is permanents for the trial and error. The learner, in this case, is involved with real problems before they get assistance. The instructor must be present in class to use examples to reinforce the learning. Learning can take place with and without the instructor when trial and error method is the approach (Riding, & Rayner, 2013). For this reason, trial and error is a better teaching and learning method as compared to using examples. The use of all the sense to learn promotes content retentions because the learner can see, touch, taste, and smell. The practical exercise utilizes the sense, and thus students can retain content in equal measure as the use of trial and error method. The Kinesthetic learning strategies are better than the lecture methods because it student centered.

Advantages of knowing individual learning style

It is an advantage if the teacher knows the different learning styles of the students. In class, there are cases of individual difference, and the teacher has to meet the diverse needs of the learners. Some students are slow learners, and other are quick learners (Yang et al., 2013). Quick learners need a direction on how to do some things and research more information to support learning. Slow learners need quid and closer interaction with the Instructor.

When teachers know the students well, it is easy to mix strategies to ensure that all student benefit from the lesson. The teachers can prepare teaching and learning aids to reinforce learning in class. On the other hand, when learners know learning strategies that suit their needs, they maximize the learning. For examples, students who learn best through practical, and trial and error methods can ready ahead of the instructor (Yang et al., 2013). A teacher can use different instructional methods in a class where students preferences are wide. Ideally, learning is easy in a situation where the instructor understands the capabilities of the learners. For example, understanding the individual differences of the children helps the instructor to divide the students according to their varied capacities.


Yang, T. C., Hwang, G. J., & Yang, S. J. H. (2013). Development of an Adaptive Learning System with Multiple Perspectives based on Students? Learning Styles and Cognitive Styles. Educational Technology & Society, 16(4), 185-200.

Riding, R., & Rayner, S. (2013). Cognitive styles and learning strategies: Understanding style differences in learning and behavior. Routledge.

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