Research Proposal: Chinese Language: A Global Force & Its Growing International Reach

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Date:  2023-05-09


Chinese is one of the most prominent languages across the globe, with over 1.051 billion speakers with the language mainly being spoken in Taiwan, the People's Republic of China, and Singapore. The language is also gaining international recognition because of China's dominance in manufacturing and its economic growth (Osman, Gallhofer, and Haslam, 2020, 47). Primarily, organizations' actions in China concerning their environmental, social, and language responsibilities are growing in China, and this is due to the global changes and the way the role of business is mainly perceived in supporting and promoting sustainable development beyond the impact of mitigation and philanthropy (Devinney, Schwalbach, and Williams, 2013, 415). Organizations now have to take corporate social responsibility (CSR) for them to stay relevant and for the community to allow them to operate in their jurisdiction.

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Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is primarily a business model that allows the organization to be socially accountable to its stakeholders, itself and the public. Through practicing CSR, organizations have become more conscious of the impact; they have all aspects of the economy, society, environment, and social (Schrempf-Stirling, Palazzo, and Phillips, 2016, 715). Moreover, engaging in CSR it means that companies operate in ways they enhance the environment and society instated of having a negative impact on the community (Osman, Gallhofer, and Haslam, 2020, 49). Through CSR programs, volunteer efforts and philanthropy organizations can benefit society while at the same time, boosting their brand. CSR is vital to both the community and the company (Fifka, Kühn, and Stiglbauer, 2018, 1). Primarily, CSR activities can help create a strong bond between the corporation and the employees, boost morale, and help the employers and employees feel more connected to the world around them.

Research Questions

How does foreign corporate social responsibility affect the community, and are there any benefits?

What is the influence of position adverbials in Chinese?

What are the role of the community and the company in social responsibility?

What are the stakeholder's perceptions of CSR?

What is the impact of CSR on the market place?

Research Objective and Statement of the Problems

Research Objective

To determine if corporate CSR is desirable for the community and the corporation.

To identify the impact of position adverbials in Chinese.

To determine the role of the community and the company in CSR.

Determine how the stakeholder perceive CSR.

Determine the impact of CSR on the market place.

Statement of the Problem

The position of adverbials in Chinese has been a challenging issue to understand this has been the primary reason why it is hard for people to study the language who are not natives.

CSR is a necessary action by the company towards the community; however, the main issue remains if the companies do enough or they just engage in public relations to seek approval from the community and society.

Literature Review

CSR and the Community

CSR mainly refers to the strategies that organizations employ in their business in ways that are ethical, friendly, and beneficial to the community in terms of development. The issue of CSR has been debated for the longest time now, and people are wondering if companies engaging in CSR are doing enough to ensure that they deliver or are they doing it for public relations only (Raj, 2019, 256). It is important to note that CSR has undeniable implications on the community in many ways. In most nation companies, engage in activities involving the community the companies running, such as employment (Filatotchev, and Nakajima, 2014, 289). Community engagement and development are some of the main aspects that most companies look at when engaging in CSR (El Ghoul et al., 2019, 1053). This is because they want to grow their brand, and this is the best way to reach customers. Some of the roles of SR in community development include:

  • To share the negative impacts due to industrialization.
  • Increase closer ties between the community and the corporation.
  • Help to get and grow talents.
  • Transfers of technology through training.
  • Protect the environment.
  • Human rights corporate sustainability.
  • Create an interdependency between the community and the corporation.
  • Reduce poverty in the community.
  • For corporate sustainability goals.

Position Adverbials in Chinese

The word order of the Chinese language is similar to that of English, and it is also compared to the Japanese (Rue, and Zhang, 2008, 220). Moreover, it is fairly quickly that one starts to realize that there are a few ways that the word order of the two languages is similar and simple in sentences (Ngai, and Singh, 2017, 276). The Chinese word order closely matches English word order in the subject verb object (SVO) format (Collins, 2001, 230).

Other important aspects that are considered when comparing the position adverbial in Chinese include:

  • Placement of place words in a sentence.
  • Placement if time words in the sentence.
  • The exceptions to the normal placement of the place words.
  • Placement of duration in a sentence.
  • The placement manner in a sentence.
  • Placement of instrument in a sentence.
  • Placement of target in a sentence.

The Role of The Community and The Company in Social Responsibility

Organizations are increasingly ramping up their social responsibility through activities such as protecting the women's rights, protecting the environment, and alleviating poverty in the community (Lungu et al., 2016, 349). From the organization's and community's perspective socially, responsible organizations are more attractive to the shareholders and consumers, and this serves to positively affect their bottom lines (Raj, 2019, 255). By embracing social responsibility policies and goals, it goes a long way towards retaining and attracting customers, which in the long run, increases the company's success.

Moreover, most customers are willing to pay for the premium price for the products as they are aware that the proceeds will be channeled back to the community to the organization CSR programs. Moreover, organizations can witness increased foot traffic mainly is they are bel to enhance their local community (Denoncourt, 2020, 195). Likewise, socially responsible companies are able to attract employees who are motivated to make the changes in the world (Yu, and Bondi, 2019, 379). The community-oriented organization are able to enjoy a leg up on their competition and superior branding. In bottom line companies which are socially responsible cultivate increased customer loyalty, positive brand recognition, and attract top-tier employees. These elements are essential in achieving long term success and increased profitability.

Stakeholders Perspective on CSR

The changing times have influenced businesses and how they conduct themselves. The concept of CSR has become an essential strategic instrument which is defining how a business operates globally. Stakeholder perception has a direct impact on a company's performance. With companies that are perceived to be socially responsible by the stakeholders, they are likely able to do better in the long (Bondi, and Yu, 2019, 179). Primarily, in the current market, the consumer is more interested in understanding the social activities the company engages in before he or she decides to interact with the organization.

Similarly, investors are interested in understating how their social activities will result in gains and high dividends (Lu, and Abeysekera, 2017, 182). Primarily, when the stakeholders perceive an organization to be of high integrity and moral standards, and it enhances its brand identity. Importantly, developing strategic virtues on the minds of the stakeholders creates a potential positive emotion into a real competitive advantage.

Significance of the Study

The finding of this study will be valuable in identifying how people and organizations understand how CSR operates and how it benefits both the community and the corporation. Moreover, the study will as offer an understanding of how

Research Methods

The research relies on their primary research methods, which are surveys, questionnaires, and interviews. Such findings are significant as the community will have an understating of how CSR works, and the corporations will have a better understanding of the community. The companies will implement better approaches to make the brand marketable.


Surveys will play a crucial part in the papers. The survey is mainly a method of collecting data and information from a large group of people by means of questionnaires and other methods such as telephone and interviews can be used. The paper will use a straightforward type of survey. This will seek to gain information on employee turnover, and it will be mainly directed towards the human resource department and managers.


A questionnaire is primarily a type of data collection that primarily included multiple questions, which can be an attitude scale, closed questions, or open-ended questions. This type of research method is essential as it will allow the participant to take time when answering the questions meaning the participant will have adequate time to answer the questions. The main disadvantage of this type of research method is that it has a low response rate.


This will be the main research method. This is because, from the interview, I will be able to engage with the management and people who are involved with the hiring process and get a clear picture of what goes on in hiring. The interviews will be conducted through telephone, email, and face to face. This is essential as I will be taking notes to ensure that all is covered in the research.

Literature Review

Several papers have been published on the same topic, and I will take the time to look at them for guidance in the research. These papers are important as they include researchers who had been previously done on the same topic. I will mainly focus on the literature review of peer-reviewed articles as they are credible sources of information primarily those which are published through credible cites such as JSTOR, Google Scholar, Oxford Academic, part of the Oxford University Press, Microsoft Academic, Cornell University Library, SAGE Publishing, Taylor and Francis Online, Academic Journals, OAIster, and Directory of Open Access Journals.


Bondi, M. and Yu, D. (2019) ‘Textual Voices in Corporate Reporting: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of Chinese, Italian, and American CSR Reports’, International Journal of Business Communication, 56(2), pp. 173–197. doi: 10.1177/2329488418784690.

Collins, D. E. (2001) Reanimated Voices : Speech Reporting in a Historical-pragmatic Perspective. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Co (Pragmatics & Beyond). Available at: (Accessed: 16 April 2020).

Denoncourt, J. janice. denoncourt@ntu. ac. u. (2020) ‘Companies and UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goal 9 Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure’, Journal of Corporate Law Studies, 20(1), pp. 199–235. doi: 10.1080/14735970.2019.1652027.

Devinney, T. M., Schwalbach, J. and Williams, C. A. (2013) ‘Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance: Comparative Perspectives’, Corporat...

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